Saturday, September 17, 2011

No Fair

not a lot to say here but I'm not happy that the weekend is now semi-consistently cool and I am sick and not able to run. Not cool, universe, not cool.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sluggish Success

If you live in Indiana, or if you've visited it regularly enough- you know that the weather (especially right at the seasons changeover) can be very - shall we say- fickle. The last week or so has been incredibly comfortably cool. Makes for great runs (in my opinion) and drives me to want to get out there more to inhale that fall air. .
Today- was one of those wilder shifts where it is back at 90-ish degrees (my car said 92). After a very long work day and not the best fuel sources all day- I still got out there and got in just under 2 miles running and then walked another 5 minutes or so. I felt so sluggish- but turns out I was running on the faster end of my spectrum with an 11mm pace.  I was rocking my Ragnar Relay shirt from Wasatch Back 2010 (so far, I'm not an official Weekend Warrior- but I'm going to annoint myself an honorary one until they take notice). As weird as it might sound- I draw strength from that shirt by reminding myself how far I've come since that race - even when the mileage is shorter, I feel stronger now than ever before.
Overnight- it is going to likely drop 25 degrees for the high tomorrow- and that will be my perfect running weather- so while I don't usually run back to back days- tomorrow, I have the opportunity after work again- I'm going to get out there and go!