Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Looking Back and recognizing effort

Lately I've been in a bit of a slump. I really think I burned out during the first part of the year and then with various life changes, I had trouble getting back to my peak performance mode. However, as we reach the last few days of 2011- I'm reflecting on what I accomplished this year.
This is a snapshot of my 2010 Nike+ Stats for the whole year:

This is my 2011 Nike+ Stats (updated 1/1/2012):

9 more runs than last year- 93 miles more - 13.5 hours more- and an avg pace improvement of almost 1.5 minutes. I may not have kept up the intensity and frequency of my runs the second half of the year- but by God, I still improved over 2010 and that is something I can be proud of
I had some disappointments this year- choosing to opt out of my 2nd half marathon and not performing as well as I wanted to at Ragnar (due to illness)- that's life though- right? It doesn't always go as planned. You can give up- or you can keep on.
When you're having a rough day and beating yourself up for what you DIDN'T do- remember what you DID do and remind yourself that progress is progress- no matter how slow, no matter how long it takes. Keep moving forward.

My goal for 2012 is to improve on 2011 - run at least 100 times, go for 350 miles in the year and quicken my avg overall pace by at least 30 seconds.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Winning for Christmas! The iFitness Running Belt Giveaway!

I didn't forget to draw a winner- it's just been a very busy week!!
Taking the list of comments received during the posts in the promotional period- and using the List Randomizer from (unfortunately, the rafflecopter tool didn't work properly- so I had to use a backup plan).
The winner is.................................


You have won a Neoprene Single Pouch Running Belt - you get to select which color you would like and iFitness will ship it to you!

Congrats! I know you will love your iFitness belt as much as I love mine!
I will email you with details on how to select your prize from iFitness!

If you didn't win this time- stay tuned - I hope to be able to give away others soon! (Can't Wait? Head over to and get yours now!)

**Other than donating a belt for me to giveaway, I was not compensated for promoting iFitness products in any way. The opinions and reviews in this blog are mine and mine alone.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your 2011 Runner

Hopefully you surround yourself with lots of active friends and family- and if so, you might want to get them something to help support the habit for the holidays! Here are some of the gifts I'd love to see under my tree!

Running Belt
I talk about it a lot- you’d think I was paid to – but I’m not!
I just really love that this belt does what it says it will do- stay put and fit all my stuff in one place. The only catch is that you need to be realistic about the definition of “all my stuff”. If your stuff will take up more than one pouch- get the double! Never hurts to have extra room. Does not slip, doesn’t bounce and keeps your items dry.
AND- I’m giving one of these belts away on December 19, you could win, read on to see how. . .

Camelbak- Like this Annadell-version, the light-weight, 50 oz holding, pack is perfect for those long runs where you don’t want to have to stop for water or carry it in your hands the whole time.
Camelbak Hydration Pack

Early Morning or Night Running- Reflective gear
If you value your life, and you SHOULD- invest in good reflective gear. For cold weather, I think the ultimate is the Nike Vapor Flash Jacket Pricey- but one of these, soon, will be mine.
Don’t have $350 bones to drop on a running jacket (or maybe, where you are, it would be too warm)? Then at a minimum, make sure you have a reflective vest- with lights, even better! Nathan Photon LED Vest 

Lots of people love their various gadgets- but I love my Nike Plus, and here is why:
I don’t like watching a GPS watch, it makes me neurotic about checking my pace or distance or time. With the Nike Plus, I set it- turn on my music and go. Unless I manually check it- I don’t know my pace or distance until I’m finished and it allows me to focus on form, on breathing, on nothing at all. Plus, I like being able to look back through the runs, set challenges for myself and an animated Mini-me isn’t bad either.  Find a Nike Plus

Still stumped for the perfect gift for the active individual in your life?
Here are a few more ideas:

     • Local Running Store gift certificates
          o They can use this towards new shoes, or fuel or clothes- but shows you know their heart is in being active
     • iTunes Gift Card
          o If they like to run (or workout) to music- the gift of music is always a good one!
     • For the ladies: Sweaty Bands! I love these head bands! They are the only ones that don’t slip on my head even when really sweaty! Makes a GREAT stocking stuffer!

Now how do you enter to win the belt? It's easy- just comment. Say hi, tell me your favorite accessory or tell me why you need this running belt. You can enter once, every time I post between now and when I do the drawing on 11/19. Each comment is worth one entry.
I'll talk about this running belt in each post- but if you have any questions- use your entry to ask them too!

Giveaway Terms and Conditions
• Other than receiving a free single-pouch running belt from iFitness to give away to one of my readers, I am in no way being compensated by iFitness for my posts. The views and opinions of these posts are mine, and mine alone. Only 1 comment, per post, will be counted as an entry. However, during the giveaway period, you may comment on multiple posts for additional entries. Only Living A Lola Life posts created between 11/28/11 and 12/18/11 will be valid for entry. Winner will be selected, at random, via Rafflecopter; winner selection and announcement via post on 11/19/11. Winner will then select color choice of iFitness Single Pouch running belt, which will be fulfilled through iFitness.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Staying motivated to run. . .when you can't!

It is kind of funny that in my last post I said I would be doing a "posting series about staying motivated to" and then I got really sick . . .and now I can't run.

That is one of the hardest things I had to come to grips with about running. That you really have to work at getting back out for a run when things get in your way. Work gets busy, LIFE gets busy, you get a couple of runs in and think "great! now I'm in a routine again" and WHAM! You get a cold. Now, I know that some people can run with colds - and more power to them! However, with my asthma, I really can't mess around when I get a cold because it is prone to move directly to my chest, no matter what. That typically means I'm out for a week, at least. I've just come down with a cold- that I'm already feeling in my chest. I have a race on Dec 10 - 8 days from now. Blaaarrrrrrrggghhh!

That's one thing I do to stay motiveated and get back out there quickly when things get in the way: Sign up for regular races! The one on 12/10 will be my 7th (and last) race of the year.  As long as I have a race coming up, I know I'll get back out there the first chance I get.

I'd like to know how others stay motivated, or get back on track, after an extended break or illness. What do you do?

Don't forget! All you have to do is comment- and you'll be entered for my iFitness Single Pouch Running Belt giveaway on Dec 19. Each post you comment on from now until then will get you entered for the giveaway.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Giveaway (and a new post!)

It's been a minute since I posted last (ok, maybe several minutes).
No worries- I've been busy with work and working my run schedule.
I've been adding races to keep my training on track- or at the very least semi-consistent.
I'm re-learning how to make 5 a.m. workouts my friend.
The good news is that I'm nearing my 2 year runniversary- which is not something I expected to hit. I've just always given up before- but I truly have a love for it now. I've figured out how to work through the rough runs and to shrug off the plain BAD runs- I've learned how to let it build me up mentally- but also not break me down emotionally. Plus? I'm building quite the tech shirt collection.

Now for the FUN part!
You may remember that this time last year, I gave away an iFitness running belt after doing a month long review (don't remember? check it out here). I still use this belt on almost every single run, and if I don't- it's because I'm using my OTHER iFitness running belt (same belt, different color). It has ALWAYS lived up to what they say it will- it doesn't slip, it doesn't bounce and it holds SO much. Not every time, but most times- I run with my phone, my keys, my inhaler, my ID, chap stick and iPod and gum. All of it fits in the belt. That's the double pouch.
This giveaway? It's for the single pouch iFitness running belt - if you win, YOU get to pick what color you want. Aside from my SHOES, my running belt is my second most necessary accessory for my running.
I'm going to do a posting series for the next couple of weeks- about the things I do to keep myself motivated, to stay prepared and to run, run, RUN!
For you- it's easy- just comment. Say hi, tell me your favorite accessory or tell me why you need this running belt. You can enter once, every time I post between now and when I do the drawing on 11/19.
I'll talk more about this running belt in each post- but if you have any questions- use your entry to ask them too!
Happy Running!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Re-energizing the Plan

I've been in a bit of a running/fitness funk lately. In my head- I still really want to work hard to reach my goals, and really- my body wants to too. However, life has a way of trying to chip away at the hard work and routines you've built- so between the cold and some recent work stress (simply many highly important projects being due all at once), my routine had suffered. I wasn't getting proper sleep, which meant I wasn't getting up for early morning workouts- and was often forced out of afternoon workouts. After so many missed workouts- you end up with a new routine- a poor one.

Who do I want to be? The Rock Star runner I felt like at the end of May 2011 again.
Yesterday afternoon, while taking a sanity break on Twitter- @FatGirlvsWorld posted that she was disappointed that more people had not yet signed up for her 2nd annual #GoTheDist challenge. It started out as a personal challenge but picked up some steam via twitter and her blog. It was the right message at the right time for me. I had seen the original #GTD and then #GoTheDist tags on Twitter before- but I didn't take the time to really look into it. The principals are great- set measurable, attainable goals WITH others but not VS others - and achieve greatness together.

I set my goals rather low- but did this to keep myself focused on going through the motions and recommitting to my routines. 25 miles running (total) in the month of October, 8 strength training sessions. Absolutely doable if I make the time. I'd like to be more around 40 miles a month and 12 strength sessions- but I'm willing to work my way back there.
If you'd like to join me- and the rest of us-
Follow This Link and follow the directions to sign up

Saturday, September 17, 2011

No Fair

not a lot to say here but I'm not happy that the weekend is now semi-consistently cool and I am sick and not able to run. Not cool, universe, not cool.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sluggish Success

If you live in Indiana, or if you've visited it regularly enough- you know that the weather (especially right at the seasons changeover) can be very - shall we say- fickle. The last week or so has been incredibly comfortably cool. Makes for great runs (in my opinion) and drives me to want to get out there more to inhale that fall air. .
Today- was one of those wilder shifts where it is back at 90-ish degrees (my car said 92). After a very long work day and not the best fuel sources all day- I still got out there and got in just under 2 miles running and then walked another 5 minutes or so. I felt so sluggish- but turns out I was running on the faster end of my spectrum with an 11mm pace.  I was rocking my Ragnar Relay shirt from Wasatch Back 2010 (so far, I'm not an official Weekend Warrior- but I'm going to annoint myself an honorary one until they take notice). As weird as it might sound- I draw strength from that shirt by reminding myself how far I've come since that race - even when the mileage is shorter, I feel stronger now than ever before.
Overnight- it is going to likely drop 25 degrees for the high tomorrow- and that will be my perfect running weather- so while I don't usually run back to back days- tomorrow, I have the opportunity after work again- I'm going to get out there and go!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I can be a @RagnarRelay Warrior. . . all Weekend long!

I’ve definitely talked about my experiences with the Ragnar Relay series – my first race in Utah and then the 2nd one this year in Chicago. Recently- I got an email (well, lots of Ragnars did- not just me) about recruiting in Ragnar Relay Weekend Warriors! This is all about sharing the spirit of the races, promoting the brand and getting the word out there. Would mean I’d get some gear to wear during local races and work at local race events (expos, etc) – and be expected to run with a local running group at least 1x a month (which I already do!!). As a marketer, as a blogger, as a runner – and more importantly- AS A RAGNAR – I really want to be a part of this.
The Ragnar Relay series created a bit of a monster in me- a very good monster. One that is determined. One that turned “I Can’t” into “Shut up, yes you can!”. One that strives to improve with every run. One that has learned patience with the frustrating runs. One that owns YakTrax to run in snow (and be chased by little monsters). I display my race stickers on my van with pride, I am planning the Ragnar-based tattoo for my foot – so that every day when I get ready for work, or lace up for a run- I remember what drove me to lose the first 75 lbs I wanted to shed and work towards the rest.
When I was pregnant with my youngest- I came out of that at my heaviest weight ever. At 7 months into the pregnancy – I agreed to join a Ragnar Relay team for an amazing adventure in Utah with 11 others. Exactly 6 weeks after having her- I began training for Ragnar – I had just under 5 months. I haven’t stopped running yet. Ragnar gave me the confidence and the vision to own being a runner. Ragnar- are you listening? Please make me a Weekend Warrior!

I filled out my form with all of the contact info- but I wouldn’t be upset if any of you reading were to send a friendly little Tweet to @RagnarRelay to consider @that_girl_lola as a Weekend Warrior – can you rally with me?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Where's My Mojo?

I know it is easy to say that life gets in the way sometimes- but man, I feel like there are serious forces acting in opposition to my goals. We all have them, really. I know this isn't any different than any human being but I'm hoping that by listing them out- it will help me organize my strategy to push forward.
- work schedule
- kids' schedule
- hubby's schedule
- low energy (see 1st items)
- not getting enough sleep (I control that one- have to do better here).
- not planning ahead
- not sticking to food plans
- have made some progress planning for dinners but then mindlessly snack after dinner, giving in to temptations

There are other, non-regular obstacles- but these are the every day, all the time ones. And they are big- but I have to be stronger than they are. Some of them I use as excuses- but I'm having a hard time really getting a routine going. I still work out at least 3 times a week in some way- sometimes it is all running- sometimes it is running and lifting- but when I was at 5-6 days a week of workouts - it seems like so much less.

I guess we all hit ruts- the weather knocks the energy out of us- and so can life. Sometimes I look at the clutter in my house after a long day and just wrinkle my nose like I Dream of Jeannie and wish it all away. It never disappears, but a girl can try!

Before I left my last job- I had a really great routine going because I had a much more flexible schedule that allowed me to go in early and then get my workout in before picking up my kids - but my new schedule (and TRAFFIC!!) won't allow that now. I also had a group of very supportive people who were all trying to lose weight and get healthy- so we kept each other on track. The new job (at least the first 4 months) have been so incredibly busy that lunches are either scarfed down at my desk or there is a social event (many more than I did at the old job) that is lunch out with a group. I love the new social opportunites and food options- but I'm making less-than-the-best choices, and I know it.

So- I'm recommitting to myself. I'm not typically a "I'll start on Monday" kind of girl- but the truth is, I need to go grocery shopping- and that isn't happening until Sunday- so Monday, it is. I'm going to add 1 day of exercise a week to my goal- so I'm going for 4 weeks of 4 workouts- at least 30 minutes long- and including AT LEAST 2 strength training workouts a week. For the record- this includes the week of our Family Vacation to Myrtle Beach. The condo we have has an exercise room- and we are on the beach! So there is no excuse. I can't promise I'll be completely on track with food at the beach - I haven't had a beach vacation since my honeymoon 7 years ago - but between Monday and vacation- I am going to eat well and within reason. And I will get right back on track after the beach.

I think I feel a glimmer of mojo on the horizon! (Always feels better with a plan!)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

When Fitness shows. . .

I had a really good run today. Not just because my avg pace was less than 11:30 per mile for a 60 min run - and not just because I ran 5.3 miles at 82 degrees with 80% humidity- feeling like 89 degrees.

Here's why:
I have been wanting to go back to the weekly Saturday morning training runs with one of the local running shoe companies- but just haven't. . .until today. I have signed up for another half marathon on November 5 and decided this week I better get much more serious about my training if I plan to complete it. I got up at 6am this morning- without any idea how long we were going to run today. In my head, thought it might be 45 minutes- but had no clue. Showed up to the announcement that it was 60 mins. For the first time ever- I didn't panic about that. I mean, I know it was hot- I knew it had been awhile since I ran that long- but hey- I was here, I was up- and darn it, I was going to do it. I took off on the run and felt good the entire time- legs felt strong, lungs felt strong - body didn't rebel. It felt GREAT actually. Towards the end- the running group sponsors had set up a water station at the final mile - and I took a brief pause for some water- and another girl stopped shortly after I did. She took off again right as I did- and we both smiled and sighed that we were glad it was the last mile. Then she kept pace with me until the end. Then a very unusual (for me) thing happened - when we finished and I said "good job- it's hot out here!) - she said "How fast do you run?" and I said "It varies, but usually anywhere from 11 to 11.5 min miles usually" and she said "I usually run with another partner but I want to get faster which is why I was keeping pace with you at the end" This MADE MY DAY. I mean, I am not breaking any speed records - but for someone want to use ME and MY pace to help them get faster made me feel really good. I've stopped caring about pace - and the funny thing is- I run faster now. I still keep track of it- and like that it is improving- but I don't obsess about it like I once did.

The Title - When Fitness Shows - I'm always amazed by what the human body will do- if you nudge it just a little. I've been running but not really regularly- and almost never more than 30 minutes since the Ragnar Relay in June. I was shocked how well my body performed on today's extra hot run after not having tackled that distance in awhile. And after? I felt better than I ever used to. Before, when I first started training - I would run 5 miles and then hobble from car to home because I was so sore. Today- I bounced out of my van into the house and took off to a pool party after a quick shower. It doesn't happen overnight- but eventually- your fitness shows, when you least expect it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Time Warp

I honestly do not know how an entire month can go by without posting- yet it seems like it was just a week ago. My days and weeks absolutely fly by now. I guess that's a sign that I'm having fun! :)

Work has been very busy and, I'll admit, I've been less than dilligent about keeping very true to my training regimen. Unfortunately, it shows on the scale too. I am eating about the same- but when you go from working out 5 or 6 days a week to 2 - that makes a big difference in how many calories you can really eat.

This isn't about beating myself up- it is really about setting my mind right. I know what I need to do- and I just truly have to do it. Getting into a routine of getting up really early every morning is about the only time I'll be able to fit it in. I dislike running on treadmills- but if that is how I have to get in my midweek runs, then so be it- it is better than NOT running. I have my 2nd half marathon in November, I have plenty of time to train and I'm still able to run 3-4 miles with little trouble.

Wondering if the heat zaps the motivation out of anyone else? I actually lose weight better in the Fall and Winter  - I wonder why? This year, I think it is because of my job change and still adjusting to how our new schedule works. If I could find an inexpensive gym really close by- with a shower- I'd get a regular lunchtime workout in. I would also like to see my trainer more often but it has been really hard to work our schedules around each other and I've missed a couple of weeks.

Frustrated but not giving up!

Monday, June 20, 2011

taking the "occassional blogger" role too seriously.

In my Twitter Profile, I list myself as an "occassional blogger". I think I've taken that description a little to far this time - my goodness, more than a month and a half . . .really??

I never even came back to report on the half marathon. MY FIRST HALF MARATHON...and I said nothing about it. AND? I ran my SECOND RAGNAR RELAY. Forgive me now- this might be a long post.
Half Marathon Recap.
When I set out to run my first half marathon, I really wanted to run the whole thing. I knew that might be hard but I was very determined. I followed all the miles in my training regimen, I rested when I should and I was very focused. My running partner and I had a lot of running around to do the night before the race- packet pickup, meeting up with her family, going back to her house to prep and finally get to bed way later than planned for a 4:15 wake up. The race start was at 7:30 and we had to be in our corrals by 7am to be sure; but in order to find parking and not be blocked out when 35,000 other runners and their families are trying to do the same thing - you have to get an early start.
The weather was pretty perfect- rain threatened but it was about 60 degrees at the start- and that is perfect to me! I was excited but not scared or anxious- just ready to run!
I have to say- the MOST frustrating part about doing this race- having never run THIS race before- is not realizing just how many people 35,000 really is. I had been overly conservative when putting my finish time in for corral selection. I believe I ended up being placed (in corral U) about 3 corrals back from where I should have been. I spent the first 25 minutes weaving around people who were either running slower than I do (which is absolutely fine) or people who were walking. I have 0 issues with people walking the half marathon; however, I do take issue when they inconsiderately walk 4 across in the MIDDLE of the road. If you are new to racing, any race, any distance- PLEASE be considerate and walk 2 across as most and move to the side of the course. I truly believe that all the weaving and navigating around burned up time and LOTS of precious energy.
When I got to mile 6, I was feeling pretty great- running a little faster than my expected 11:45min mile pace. Then I hit the track. The Indianapolis 500 track is 2.5 miles of asphalt. I knew that before the race...but what I didn't know is that when you enter the track- you go down a very steep hill and then right back up a hill of the same grade- this took some wind out of me- but I recovered. However- when I hit the 7.5 mile mark- I started to have some trouble- I think I had fueled too late in my last dip into my sports beans. By the time I was leaving the track- I was over 8.5 miles into the race. Then, it started raining. Mentally, this was really challenging to me. I don't mind running in the rain- but after running 8.5 miles- and feeling low on energy- it hit me very hard. I did a lot of run/walking from mile 9 to 10 and then walked most of 10-12. The interesting part is that walking actually hurt my hips more than running did- so after walking a while, I'd have to run to alleviate other pains. When I saw the final mile marker- I wanted to sprint- but I didn't have it in me. I ran/walked until I got to the last quarter mile- then I ran, really ran, it in. The BEST part was that my husband had volunteered for the race crew and was hading out water at the finish- so I got to get my new medal and then give him a kiss! After that- I pretty much found a spot on the ground and parked it for the next hour- my legs were DEAD. I really nursed them that day with a lot of aleve and rest and lots of hydration.
Other than some general soreness, I felt FANTASTIC the next day.
That's me, girl in blue shirt in the front behind the guy in the black. Time says 3:30- that's gun time. Because when you're in corral U- it takes 30 minutes to get to the start line.Ugh.

At the Half Marathon finish- I said I would never do it again. Then, 2 days later, I signed up for the Indy Monumental Half Marathon . The course is fast and flat- and I'm looking forward to kicking my PRs ass. My 500 Festival Half time was 2:59:06 (My first goal was to finish in under 3 hours- and I got it in, barely). Setting sights on running the entire half this fall- and looking to finish in 2:45:00.

Ragnar Relay- Madison, WI to Chicago
I honestly am not going to recap the entire race- but after having stayed healthy for almost an entire year- I managed to get sick the WEEK OF the Ragnar. And not just a bloody little cold- a full on sinus infection turned bronchitis. As an asthmatic, you can see where this might have been an issue.
However- anyone who knows me also knows that, while I may whine- I am determined. I was going to run that race if it killed me. Like the half marathon- I went in with goals. I wanted to run all 3 of my legs without walking- and I was hoping to maintain a faster than 12 minute mile pace throughout. My lungs had other plans, unfortunately.
My first leg was 4.7 miles and I did pretty well until about 3 miles into it- there were a couple of long, slow inclines that made me work harder- which made the asthma flare up. Even with my inhaler, it was difficult and I had to walk. I still managed to have a faster than 13 minute mile avg. My 2nd leg was 3.7 and at about 10:30 at night. It started out GREAT- lungs felt good, legs felt good- there is just something so amazing about a night run with almost nothing around you. I did fantastic until the last mile- the first half of which was all uphill- it wasn't a steep hill- but a long slow one again. I lost a lot of steam and walked the hill. I did pick it up for the last half mile though and did achieve my goal of under a 12 min mile for this leg. My last leg at 7:30am the next morning was, by far, my roughest. It was 4.9 miles total- and 2.5 miles in- I had a full on asthma attack. Couldn't break, started to panic and had to stop- not walk- STOP. After a few inhaler puffs and calming down- I started walking to finish. I texted my team to let them know what happened (it was an unassisted leg- so they weren't going to see me at all until the finish)- and told them to expect me to walk the rest.
But I started feeling better just a short time later- and instead walked and ran in intervals for the rest of the  leg - arrived almost 10 minute earlier than my teammates had expected and they had to end up running out of the van to meet me at the finish line- I could hear our next runner yelling "Oh my god, she's here already! there she is!" - it made me feel so good to surprise them and I yelled out "I didn't die!!" I truly love the Ragnar Relay series- it makes you feel like such an athlete and a truly amazing experience. We weren't the fastest team by any stretch of the imagination- but we finished, we had fun and we beat our Utah Ragnar time by nearly 3.5 hours! That's good stuff!
Our team, Ragnar Chicago 2011. <3 'em - every one :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Almost M Day

That's MINI Day!
The half marathon is upon me - and while I've been absent from my blog with the new job, I have maintained my training schedule. And while I am completely daunted by the task of running 13.1 miles- I am confident that I will be capable of doing it.
This coming Saturday, at 7:30am starting in Corral U - I will attempt to run a half marathon. One year ago I could not run 1 mile without taking a walk break. This is serious progress, friends!
My very-reachable goal is to finish within 2 hours and 45 minutes. That's accounting for any walk breaks I may have to take.

My stretch goal is 2 hours and 35 minutes.

I struggled with my 10 mile training run- but not sure if it was the distance or more my prep in the week before (more likely) because my 9 mile run went well and I felt great.

Keep me in your thoughts!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

where does the time go?

I can't believe it has been 24 days since my last post- how does time go so quickly?

Well, for me- since that is just over 3 weeks- it includes interviewing for and landing a job I've always dreamed to have, giving my notice and having to wrap up all current projects and leave detailed notes for others to learn and balance my fitness schedule with my home/life schedule, plus juggle kids and find time to breathe? well, I would like to blog more- really I would. But as someone told me once when I started this blog- I'd rather write when I have something to say than simply use it as a simple "here's what I did today". It's ok for that sometimes too- but I want it to be more.

Eating-wise, I've struggled for a couple of weeks- and the scale shows it. I have not yet had a week since Christmastime where I actually put on more than a .4 in weight; but I have a feeling this week may be that week. Between altered workout schedules due to long hours at the old job and having lots of "this will be our last time to go to lunch" lunches - I've completely overeaten on many occassions. Not wildly binged or anything- just too much of not the right things.

I start the new job tomorrow with a trip to Boston (home office is located there) and I know that eating right while travelling is a challenge for me. I am planning to do as well as I can- and have made the decision to face my weigh in on Friday morning for what it is- ONE WEEK. I will get back on track and continue towards my goals.

On a running front- training for the half marathon is going well and this weekend, for the first time, I will run 9+ miles. it is a little daunting, but having done nearly 8 miles 2 weeks ago, I am confident that I can do it. I really do think I'll have a bit of a cry the first time I run 10 miles. 1 year ago, March 2010, I couldn't run more than a minute or two without walking for an extended recovery- and now I'm moving towards running 10 miles without stopping. I don't care who you are- never say never (hear me, Bieber?)- it can be done.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

10k and so much more

It has been mor than awhile since I posted- everything has been great- just really busy and haven't made the time to blog.

So many things to talk about- non-scale victories (NSV), working what works, and more than impressing myself.
So- first things first. . . .

Weight Watchers-
After having some very unfocused and very slow weight loss- I decided to go back to what I know works for me...and that is Weight Watchers. Yes, I have successfully lost 70 lbs on my own- but I want to continue with solid losses and I needed to refocus. Since Weight Watchers has so drastically changed their plan, I decided it would be great to have a new approach to my eating habits - and tracking, tracking, tracking.
And whattya know- in the first week- I lost 3.1# Back on track.

Shocking Shopping
The 10k I ran today- the forecast was all kinds of gloomy and rainy and cold; temps would start at around 50 and drop considerably (50 at start- 38 by finish). So I knew I needed a real rain jacket that would keep me dry without overheating. I invested in a The North Face jacket that is waterproof but also breathable. When I started my weight loss journey- I wouldn't have even been able to get this jacket because I'm not sure they have a plus size line - so, I would have had to buy a men's jacket. But I knew I had successfully crossed under that line, so I grabbed the women's XL and thought for sure it would fit. It didn't. Shocked, awed and COMPLETELY STOKED because the XL was TOO BIG!!! I had to buy a L - I looked at my husband and almost started crying I was so excited.

The 10k
When I first attempted running- it was late 2005, September/Octoberish. I was going to train for the Mini Marathon and the day I went to run/walk my first 10k ever- I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I have not done a 10k since, until today. It was rainy, it was cool and I had the goal to finish between 1 hour 10 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes and I wanted to run the whole thing - about 5.5 miles and it was getting tough, I wanted to walk sooo bad- but I wasn't going to let my head get the best of me, I had run this far, I was running to the finish. My official time was 1 hour 13 minutes and 40 seconds.
After the finish- as I waited for some friends to come in- I started crying. I was crying tears of joy and pride because not only had I made my goal- but this time last year, I could not run ONE full mile without stopping. It is amazing what the human body can accomplish and evolve into.

The 15k in April is still a little daunting at this point- but the 10k today showed me that proper training works and I know I can get there by then.

Now where is my beer - because today, I have earned it!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I am so proud of myself today.
Saturdays are the day I do my long run with my running club- and those runs are according to our training schedule for the Half Marathon in May. My club runs by time, not mileage- which I believe is superior (at least for my style). I don't feel overwhelmed having to try to reach a certain mileage- and that allows me to relax and focus on form and pace management. Today's run was 50 minutes. We run on the Monon Trail in Indianapolis, so we go half the time one way- and then turn around to return. The goal, as set by the trainers, is to settle into your pace early and do the second half of your run slightly faster than the first half- helps you keep from going out too fast and sputtering out.
My run graph from Nike+ is great because it shows that I really did that- it was slight, but I did return faster than the first half of my run. But it also shows a consistent pace overall and a fast one for me! This is one of my longest runs ever- and the longest in a very long time.

In a couple of weeks- I have my 2nd ever 10K to run (the last one was run in 2006, the same day I found out I was pregnant with my oldest daughter). I am now confident that I will be able to RUN the whole thing without walking. There is nothing wrong with walk breaks- but this is a personal goal of mine- and I am so proud to know that I can do this. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

All kinds of love

Happy Valentine's Day!

I realize I have not posted in almost a week and it really has just been because of being busy and not making the time to blog, being out of town, and now- sick children. Life happens.

This past Saturday, I had a 5K. It was the 500 Festival Mini Marathon Training Series 5k. This race is significant because it was the marking of 1 year since my first race back after having my 2nd daughter. Last year was the same training series race, but I had only been back to running for 6 weeks (and was working my way through couch-to-5k again). I started that race out way too fast and lost all steam very early and walked most of it (no shame, just not what I wanted to do). I complete that race in 47:10. This year, one year later- My official time for last Saturday's race was 36:29. That means I shred 10 minutes and 40 seconds off of my overall race time. It wasn't my fastest 5k ever- and that's ok- it was nice to have races to compare.

On another note- my friend Liz did a guest post at Fit City Indy about the perceptions of Fat/Skinny and Fit. It is a very interesting read and I agree with what she is saying. As someone who has struggled with weight all of my life, I am only now realizing that my success at losing (and keeping it off) is directly related to my relationship with the scale. I used to be obsessed with it. And after several days or weeks of the "wrong" numbers, I'd give up- completely. It has only been since I acknowledged that the number on the scale is just a guide- one part of many factors- that paint the picture of health and fitness. It is so often overlooked that many "skinny" people are highly unhealthy because they are overly sedentary and eat nothing but junk food and crap - but happen to be blessed with metabolisms or DNA that make it easy for them to lose or not gain weight- appearing more healthy, perhaps than someone overweight. Just like Liz said- I know I'm over my ideal weight. I'm not even close to it at this point. However, at this point- I also know I am ok if I don't actually get into that specific range but maintain (and grow) my level of fitness - which is a very active lifestyle (I very consistently workout 5-6 days a week). I can run 3+ miles without stopping. I can lift weights and have core strength I never dreamed of. My goals have changed from once being a number on the scale to being a clothing size range and fitness goals - Something realistic and maintainable for life. That is the key to success in weight loss and fitness- small, building-block, attainable goals that add up to sustainable lifestyles.
Again- like Liz said- I don't have a perfect relationship with food either. I make bad choices sometimes- but they are choices I make with my eyes wide open now too. And, unlike before, I made 1 bad choice and then make a lot of great ones. Or my "bad choice" may be better by controlling the portion. What works for me may not be what works for the next but Liz's point of not judging a book by the cover- simply based on weight - is a very good one. You may never know the true athlete standing in front of you.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catching up a few days

After a very busy weekend of just me and the kids- I took a step back and looked at my goals and what I really want. And the biggest theme from that thought process? Take out the stress!!!
So- I think I made the best choice for me by taking a day off last week and leaving the #100 days challenge idea...I just had to take a break.

But after taking Sunday to play with my kids and play- I got back into my training schedule (which I'm happy to say I hadn't missed any of those scheduled workouts) for the mini marathon in May. There was still too much ice on Monday to run outside- so it was the treadmill again- but that's ok. I've given the treadmill some credit for being there for me :) I am hoping to get back to running outside tomorrow- it will be cold but sunny- which is fine for me.
Today was a strength training day and I did core and lower body.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

1 more thing. Seven Zero

As of Friday's official weigh in- I am down 70 lbs since Nov 2009.


Bring it on!

The club run I was planning on going to, I skipped because I heard the conditions on the Monon Trail where we run were very poor. I really dread the treadmill, but I definitely don't want to risk injury with the goals I have this year.

So- I went to my training session first- lots of core, lots of kettlebells, pushups (real pushups!). Then I ran on the treadmill for 40 minutes. 5k next weekend- still trying to decide if I want to do the race or not.

Had some unexpected snow this morning- about 4 inches actually. So- when I got home from the gym with the kids, I put one down for a nap and the other down for rest/tv while I went out to shovel the back and front walk. I don't know exactly how many calories I burned today- but I know it had to have been a lot. I'm seriously considering getting a BodyBugg or something similar to calculate total caloric expenditure on a daily basis.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


So. I don't like the word failure. I won't call it that. I made a conscious choice tonight NOT to workout. I needed a break. It doesn't matter that I could have done 30 minutes of anything- I needed to do more than 30 minutes of NOTHING tonight.

My husband is going to be out of town for the next 3 days, and I'll have my 2 rambuncious girls all to myself- they'll more than make up for the activity loss for today- I plan to run tomorrow and already have my club run and a training session on Saturday. Sunday's activity TBD.

So- while I may not have accomplished 100 days in a row of activity- I'm still proud that I got more than 25 in. And maybe next time I'll aim for 30 in a row- or maybe not. I think some activity every day is a great goal to have- but it is also a lot of pressure. Having to be honest with myself, I put a lot of pressure in my life already between work, kids, fitness, weight loss, etc - it's OK to take a break. I think I NEED a break every now and then. And with my strength training schedule and running training for both the Mini 2011 and the Ragnar Relay in June- I think a solid day off at least 1x a week is well within reason.

I fought with my thoughts on this for a long time tonight. But I'm listening to my inner voice this time- jammies on, couch potato. And I am OK with it.

26 days completed- 26 days. Until next time!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's true, ice is a motivation killer!

Day 26 and had to eek this one out. I wanted to run- but I wanted to run OUTSIDE. But as crazy as I am and as cold as I like it- I was NOT going to run with 1"+ ice on the ground- that just wouldn't be smart. There really isn't even snow on top of it for traction.

I'm lucky to have a very nice treadmill at home - but since I became a convert to outdoor running, we have sort of a love hate relationship. So- I decided that since my mini-training schedule called for 25 minutes of effort- I was going to just run/walk it (the only way I can get through a treadmill workout anymore) and then for the last 5 minutes to add up to 30, I slowed the treadmill way down and did slow walking lunges and then some pushups on the handles and a few tri-dips backwards.

As always- I felt so much better when I was done; really sweat the laziness right out. Something about being couped up all day with 2 restless kids and a cranky husband make you want to sit on your butt. But I didn't, and I'm thankful.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1/4 done- 25 days!

This was a tough day to get done because with all the ice we've had- and having to drop off and pick up kids and take my husband for a medical procedure- I really didn't have the desire or energy to do it. So- after dinner- my husband was playing Guitar Hero for our kids - and I started moving- just dancing around then picking up the baby and doing squats with her and using her as my mini kettlebell (all 22 lbs of her).
It wasn't all high energy- but I got a decent sweat going and kept it going for 30 minutes. It wasn't your typical "workout" but It was what I had today :) Tomorrow- I think I'll be running on my nemesis, the treadmill. bleh.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Great run- Day 24 and Icepacolypse 2011

Short update- had a great 30 minute run today- 10:30mm pace avg and felt pretty good. It was 26 degrees but felt a lot colder- so I ran with it (pun intended)

Day 24 completed.

Now- they are predicting the great Icepacolypse of 2011 over tonight and tomorrow- so in the event I lose power, I may not be able to update for a couple of days- but will keep on chugging (might have to to keep warm anyway!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Completed! Day 23

I had to really pull this one out. I mean I did NOT want to do it.
But I put on a video from OnDemand that was a very slow paced walking workout with Jane Fonda (a current day, not 80s version) - it got me moving and the blood flowing and it was 20 minutes long. So when that was done, I turned on a 10 minute video of a standing ab workout to get the full 30 in.
That's pretty much all I have to say about that. :)

Keeping it honest

It is 7:20pm. I have not done my 30 minutes yet- and I have 0 desire to do so. I am SO sore from the gym yesterday that nothing is sounding remotely ok....however, I am not going to give up- so I'm writing here to say I haven't done it yet- but I WILL do it tonight. I'll report back later tonight or in the morning- but I will get the activity in.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 22- Exhausted!

I'm not exhausted from 22 days of activity- just today's activity itself!
First up: running club, mini training!
Pace-wise, it was a little slower than I thought it felt like (that is, if Nike+ was accurate). I did double check it with and it seems to be pretty accurate for distance today.
I think that towards the end- I had returned sooner than expected and ran a couple back and forths in one area- so I think the turn arounds (each dip at the end of the graph) calculated as a much slower pace which threw off the overall pace. Still- it's just fine with me :) Today was one of those days I was absolutely loving running - that's one of things I love about running club, that common bond and support.

After I was done, I had to rush home and change clothes to head right out to the gym for my session with the trainer. Like I have said before, I love my trainer- but enough with the squats already!!! The thing is, I know they work but yeouch!! Kettlebells, weights, tiptoe squats. Then ab work and pull ups (assisted, of course!) My body is sore- but it is that good sore that tells you that you really worked and pushed it and are making real improvements.

Day 22- in and done!

Friday, January 28, 2011


3 weeks, 7 days a week= 21 days. That is how many days in a row I have made a conscious effort of at least 30 minutes of intentional movement.

Cha-Cha answered a question- and most of you have probably heard before - that it takes 21 days to change a habit. I already had a steady habit of a fitness routine but I had it "burned in my brain" (one of my fav lines from When Harry Met Sally) that I had to have at least a day or 2 of rest. And that rest day(s) became an excuse. If I had a rough day, or poor weather or the wind was blowing wrong- it became a way to write the day off "just because". Now- I still have those "Maybe I should take the day off" thoughts- but I now don't let it be an excuse. 1) I KNOW I will always feel better when I'm done - I have NEVER regretted a workout that I DID complete; only regret for those I didn't. 2) By feeling like I have to be accountable- not just to myself, but to any readers of the blog and to the universe in general - I'm very much more likely to make sure it happens.

We had our weekly weigh in at work today (Biggest Loser contest- I am not in it to win it- just keeping myself honest and it's cheaper than weekly WI at WW)- I was down 1.6# this past week. While I had a total plateau and then slight gain during holidays- I'm now back below that weight and total weight loss is at 66.4# since Nov '09. I will definitely take that!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Days 19 and 20

No worries! I didn't take a day off- just didn't get a chance to blog it last night.
Yesterday- I had a fantastic run. 30 minutes, 2.93 miles- and a 10:17 avg pace. I was so irritated though, when my Nike+ (here we go again) synced with iTunes but didn't upload the data to the Nike+ is like it doesn't exist. I can still see it in iTunes- but it doesn't show up frustrating! It was one of my best runs ever.

Today- my youngest daugher was sick- so I had to leave work early- but thankfully, my husband had some overlap with his schedule- so I was able to hit the gym first and get in a nice strength routine in with some core work and a few 30 second forearm planks - and then off for about 10 minutes of spinning- just to get the heart rate up some.

20 days down....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mind over matter- Day 18

I have a Twitter account - @That_girl_lola - and one of my friends over there- Anda at Leaving Fatville was talking about a #plankathon being put on by - well, I got curious. People are posting videos of themself doing Planks (in various positions) and challenging to see how long they can hold it for. I was going to be brave and say I could go for 5 minutse- but then someone up and did 6 minutes....

I'm super competitive even when I don't have to be- so I jokingly said I would be going for 10 minutes...well, the internets being what they are- - - people trying to get me to do it...I said I'd try...a 10 minute plank with a fitness ball for assistance.
I did it! So excited!

I also had worked out earlier in the day- I did 20 minutes on the spin bike and 20+ mins of strenght training-focus on the back.

If you don't watch the whole video- that's cool, I have to post it though ...a matter of pride.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 17- and a question

Today was a run of the mill 30 minute easy run. Felt good. And for good measure, devil doggy showed up on my last quarter-lap to chase me. Good times. Day 17- 100 Day Challenge, complete.

So- on to the question...and maybe sort of a roll call. I have 18 "followers" on my blog- but I don't know who actually reads regularly other than certain folks who comment often (I'm lookin' at you CBeth and EternalLizdom! :) ) - I'd like to know a few things:

1- are you reading? if so- please comment and just say Hi so I know you're here
2- would there be something I could add/do/discuss that would engage some of you more?

I know that this blog is pretty much an exercise log for myself and sometimes I go a little deeper- but I'd like to know! I also don't expect for this to be a "business" for my blog or like a chat room either (and I'm NOT fishing for compliments or anything)- I just want to know if/when something I say or do resonates with you and even, what you disagree with and think I could do better. I'm open for that.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Something a little different: day 16

Today was a very busy day from start to finish and there were many things that needed to be done- mostly involving cleaning around the house. I knew I was not going to get to the gym and didn't think it was likely I would get in a video much later because of everything we had to do during the day (just knew my energy would be nil). So- I made an activity out of it. We were re-arranging our bedroom and I had a lot of prep cleaning to do and small item moving- so I turned on the music and danced around while I did it. It actually took longer than 30 minutes, wasn't extremely intense but intentional activity for 30 minutes+ - so it is done :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mini Training begins; Day 15

Today, I woke up at 6am and had a small breakfast before heading out for the first official training run for the Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini Marathon in May. It was a great run- we were only out there for 30 minutes but it felt wonderful. It is amazing how proper clothing for super cold temps can make all the difference.

After the run, I came home and changed clothes so that I could go to my training session- I worked with my trainer for about 40 minutes on core and squats and kettlebells and some arms; it was a great workout and I think I scorched some calories.

I tried out a new pair of socks: Under Armour snowboarding socks - absolutely loved them! They kept my legs warm in 5 degress (-8 wind chill) and had great support and extra padding. I'll definitely get some more of these socks. (not a paid opinion or review- I just liked the socks! :) )

Friday, January 21, 2011

2 full weeks- 14 days; calling it a day.

So I am going to admit that maybe I'm skirting the edge of cheating on this one- I only got in about 23 minutes today- but I had a choice- skip completely or take what I could get. I took what I could get and got 23 minutes before I HAD to leave to get my kids for the day. I'm justifying it by the fact that tomorrow I've got running club/training at 8am for 30 minutes and then my session with my trainer for an hour at 10:30- I'll more than make up for the 7 minutes today and I still got my intentional activity in, and I think THAT is the bigger goal/point.

I chose spinning for the 23 minutes because I knew I could work up a good sweat and great calorie burn even in that short time.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lucky 13 - Clean, Pristine snow

Meet *Ninja Runner* :)
This is me- just after my run. It is a HORRIBLE picture of me- but then again- I just ran almost 3 miles in 3.5 inches of fresh snow LOL. My friend, Liz, at Eternal Lizdom - calls this my ninja hat- so I did this for her.
The next one is more beautiful- it was almost completely untouched. They had plowed much earlier in the day- and then snow covered it all again. I wore my YakTrax and it was perfect. I had an amazing pace of a 10:21 avg per mile- covered 2.91 miles in just over 30 min and it felt great. The funny thing is, I realized while putting on my YakTrax today that the previous 2 times I used them, I put them on backwards.

This is the cemetery where I run- it is great because no traffic and nice, varied paths with some (but not too tough) hills. When it is clear- there are some "off road" areas that are grass paths with larger hills I can train on.

Was nice to get a strong, quick run in today. I start my formal training program on Saturday for the Half Marathon that I'm doing in May. I'm feeling good going into the start.
Day 13- complete!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Dozen Days of Fitness

I actually think I really like working out every single day. I'm sure eventually when this challenge is over- I will take a day off here and there- but this is good.

Today was a strength training day and I did a good 40 minutes of upper body training (focus on chest and shoulders) with a little lower body balancing as well as some core work. Then I hit the spin bike for 20 minutes. Total time was an hour or maybe an hour and 5 min- roughly. Nice workout and good sweat.

Short update today- but got it in.
Day 12- complete!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 11- the one where Fido the killer strikes again!

You may remember that I had my first run in with a dog last week. I went back to run today (first run since Friday!) and I had probably put my first mile in when I heard a faint yappy barking behind the music in my ears. There he/she was trotting after me and barking all the way. This pup really thinks he/she can take me. But I threw snow...and that was that :) Kept a good distance after that.

My Nike+ crapped out again- I believe this time it was because I stomped towards/at the dog a few times and may have messed it up- but who knows...even with the bad data- my last 2 runs have not uploaded properly. If anyone has any suggestions on this- please- let a girl know!

I ran for 30 minutes- and aside from the dog interruption- I kept a nice even pace all along- I'm guessing about an 11:15mm - but not sure. Just going by what I felt.

Either way- 30 minutes in, Day 11 done.

This was one of those days that I really didn't think I'd make it- so many ways to quit. It was coldish, rainy and dreary. Had to pick up at the pharmacy- so I didn't want to go to the gym and then backtrack all sweaty to the pharmacy first and off to the cemetery. I talked myself IN to it by reminding myself I had run in much colder, much more dreary conditions and I had to beat the demon. So I did.

It's really nice to know *I* own the demons now and tell them what to do; rather than the other way around.

Monday, January 17, 2011

10 in a row!

I'm absolutely positive I've never exercised for 10 days in a row before...a new, great milestone.
It wasn't anything spectacular- honestly, my quads were STILL sore from kettlebell squats on Saturday. I decided to just go for a slow walk (3.0) on the treadmill and work in elevation. This treadmill goes up in elevation to by levels up to 12. I'm not sure what the % grade is- but but I did 2 minutes at each level working my way up- and then did 1 minute at each level as I worked my way back down. I started with about 5 minutes at the beginning at 0 and then about 6 at the end at 0. I got a great sweat and was glad I got moving.
Tomorrow I'll get a run in and I'm looking foward to it.

Day 10 complete- 100 Day Challenge

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The things you do for fitness- Day 9

Today was one of those days where I really wondered if I would be able to get the workout in- or if I even wanted to. I won't lie, I really considered taking the day off. It was a very long day- my Dad was in town all day starting from meeting him for breakfast and then back at our house all day- including a big steak dinner (he lives out West and misses midwestern beef- so we indulged). He left around 6pm and I just really didn't know if I had it in me.

But I know- I KNOW- I never regret a workout- so I decided that the challenge of 100 Days is simply to do 30 minutes of intentional activity. Doesn't have to be intense or crazy- just move. So- I figured I'd pick out a fun fitness video from on demand and just move along with it.

I started with 11 minutes of Yoga. I've never really done yoga before and I know it can be difficult. The hardest part is trying to follow along while your head is facing down and you need to see the instructor. Fitness Entrepreneurs: You should build a yoga studio where the floor is glass and we can see you from above- that would be awesome. Anyway- after 11 minutes, I decided this wasn't "easy" enough for me today- and that I'd have to do it again another day. So I looked through the videos again and saw something called "Cardioke". is exactly what it sounds like- cardio aerobics while singing. It was kind of fun, but also kind of ridiculous. It did exactly what I was looking for- get me moving- but it isn't something I would do often. It was "hosted" by Billy Banks, Jr. Yes- that Billy Blanks, well- his son. This was definitely no Tae Bo.

Day 9- done. And I'm very happy about that. (truth be told, my legs are still KILLING me from the kettlebell workout yesterday- I'd like to never see squats again).

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 9- feeling strong!

Today- I had a session with my trainer- I did 20 minutes of steady cardio before we started and then 45 minutes of hard strength training full of kettlebells and squats. We did a pre-workout update to my measurements and I'm excited to report the changes.
I was initially measured on 8/3 and started working with my trainer on 8/10. So- essentially- we are talking about 5 months of work with the trainer.
I've lost:
2.5" in my chest
4.5" in my waist (belly button)
4.25" in my hips
2.5" on each arm
2.5" on each thigh
1.5 on each calf
Total inches lost= 24.25"

Considering that the holiday season was a part of this- I'm very pleased with the results so far. I've lost 1% in total body fat and building lean muscle while also still losing weight (albeit slowly as of late)

Some of the change may be very slow- but I'm still very committed to seeing it through to my goals. I'm hoping to hit those goals within this year- but it may take longer. I'm ok with that.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 8- in the year of the dog

This has been a week of firsts- first 7 days (make it 8 now) of in-a-row intentional activity and I used my YakTrax for the first time and then, today, I was chased by the meanest, most vicious dog (Click at your own visual risk).
I'll give you a moment to recover from the pure terror that dog surely put to you, like me.
Better now? ;-)

I've never really encountered an animal on a run- saw some deer in a far off field while in Utah for the Ragnar Relay last June- but nothing where I was being chased. Barked at....

Had my Nike+ data loaded correctly (seriously, Nike- can we get this right please?)- I would share the graph -because it was a great run- but I had to stop and stomp back towards the dog to try to make it retreat. Ugh.

Anyway- so 30 minute run, complete - good pace of 11:19 avg and 2.66 miles done. Nice way to end the work week.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today, I completed 7 days in a row of 30 minutes of intentional activity. Not all of it was super intense- but most was at my typical intensity.

Today was a very nice core workout and then strength training focusing on my chest and shoulders. Then I got on the spin bike for 20 minutes - where I do 5 minute cycles of 1 min easy/fast pedal, 2 minutes of increased tension and then 2 minutes standing pedal at the increased tension.

With a peak at the scale this week- I think I'm down about 2 lbs- but official weigh in is tomorrow morning- so we will see.

On another note- our 2011 team is officially registered for the June Madison to Chicago Ragnar Relay. Team Run DMC (Destination Madison to Chicago), reporting for duty!

Day 7 - #100DayChallenge - Done!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

100 Day Challenge- Day 6; a new adventure in snow running

I had a fun run today- and although my Nike+ didn't calculate the pace/distance correctly, I still think it was fine. Typically when I run for about 30 minutes, I hit anywhere from 2.6 to 2.8 miles in that time. I think that the additional equipment on my feet may have interfered with the Nike timing chip because the chart looks funky and says I only did 2.4 miles. I know that isn't right because my pace felt pretty good and I didn't take any walk breaks. Anyway. . .minutia.

I was so excited because when I got to the cemetery where I run- the paths looked like this:
Snow covered and small patches of iced over snow pack. SOOOOOO, that meant I got to use my brand new YakTrax!!
They are easy to put on (which is not how it would seem when you take them out of the box):

Even more important - they WORK! I run several loops around the outer paths of the cemetery and liked seeing the distinct track in the snow as I came back around. Only one area where the snow had broken up a bit cause my foot to slip ever so slightly. Otherwise, I felt solid on my feet- comfortable and unhindered. I bought these on my own and am not being paid for my opinion in any way- I just think it's nice when a product does what it says it will.
It was 25 degrees, 13 with the brisk wind chill - but with my YakTrax and my Under Armour, I was warm and able to get a nice run in. The downside? I have no excuses NOT to run when it is cold anymore. :) (kidding...I blocked out those excuses awhile ago)

#100DayChallenge Day 6- DONE!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 5- weights and pushing it

Today I got almost a full hour workout in and it felt great. I did about 35 minutes of abs and strength training before I did 15 minutes of cardio just to round it out before I picked up my kids for the day.
I focused my strength training on my tri's, bi's and shoulders with some back exercises to balance it out.

I've had a real "hate" relationship with my arms for quite a long time now. No one to blame but myself- I let myself (and them) go- but I love seeing the changes and being able to see the muscles now. This coming summer might be the first time I'm willing to wear sleeveless shirts without serious problem.

I think I love the 100 Day challenge - it is keeping me very focused.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 4- Wish they could all be like this

I had a great run today!
I felt so energetic. It was very cold- actual temp was about 30, not sure the wind child, but it was breezy to say the least. I ran for 30 minutes- got in 2.68 miles and felt super.

Tomorrow's plan is for 30+ min of strength training and some cardio- but hoping I'm not thwarted by the snow storm coming in. But I'll get 30 min in one way or another.
#100DayChallenge - it's on.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 3- 100 Day challenge

To keep myself honest (and to also keep me blogging more regularly)- I am going to try to post daily what my 30 min (minimum) of activity was for the 100 Day Challenge. On some days- I may not have much to say- so it really may just be a quick post of what I did that day.

While doing some furniture shopping today, I also picked up a pair of YakTrax for my shoes to help me run better on snow/icy conditions- I'm hoping to test them out this week as we are supposed to get some snow.

It was a pretty busy day and I was really hoping to get a more intense workout in- but as the day wore on and so many of our plans swallowed up the hours, I finally settled on doing another On Demand workout at home so that I could quickly get it in and spend max time with my family before the week's craziness begins.

#100DayChallenge - 3 days down.

(as a side note to myself- any day that I do not work out- if sick, or if really truly can't fit it in schedule- will be tacked on to the end; but preference is to do 100 days in a row)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Starting on a high note

Back from the dead!

Well- no, not really. I just haven't taken the time to blog a lot lately. I've been kind of frustrated with another plateau I'm now dealing with. I'm still pushing through- but it's irritating.
The good news, though, is that I made it through the holidays (perhaps the first time) without gaining any significant weight. Between Dec 10 and Jan 7- I gained 2.2 lbs (I could put a lot of caveats on this too- but I won't). Considering I ate any/all holiday meals, treats (etc) that I wanted- I think I'll call that success.

I don't have the focus to really map out all of the last couple of weeks- but the highlights?
  • The week between Christmas and New Years, I worked out 6 days in a row; ran 2 5ks that week.
  • In the first week of the New Year, I've done a couple of things:
    • Been frustrated with the scale not moving
    • Began to focus back on cleaning up my eating. Need more whole foods, and recheck portions
    • Finally went to doctor about foot pain- plantar fasciatis, small heel spur - very treatable without any surgery and I can run during the healing process so no downtime.
    • Couldn't make my training appt today due to the gym daycare being closed (again!); so I came home and did a Fitness Bootcamp (Enviga) from our On Demand
I needed to kind of turn things up a little, when - Sara (@SeeSaraRun on Twitter) asked me if I was doing the #100DayChallenge

100 Day Challenge

John "The Penguin" Bingham has started a 100 Day Challenge beginning Jan 1, 2011. (If you're not sure who John Bingham is, check him out here)
This challenge asks that you dedicate 30 minutes everyday for exercise for 100 days. It doesn't have to be hardcore, it can be walking around your neighborhood, just move consistently and intentionally for 30 minutes everyday. The 30 minutes don't even have to all be together- 10 min here, 10 there, etc.
I didn't hear about the challenge until after it had started, so I began on Friday with a 2.5 mile run in the snow. It was fresh snow- and my footprints were the first tracks. It was awesome.
Today- (as mentioned above) was day 2 and I was thwarted when I got to the gym and the daycare was not open again. But thankfully, it was naptime for my youngest- so I came home and put her down, got my 4 yr old busy- and turned on the video and got to work. I'm talking jumping jacks, tire sprints, squat thrusts and so much more. It was tough, but I got a great sweat going and felt really good after.
Here's to the next 98 days!