Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 9- feeling strong!

Today- I had a session with my trainer- I did 20 minutes of steady cardio before we started and then 45 minutes of hard strength training full of kettlebells and squats. We did a pre-workout update to my measurements and I'm excited to report the changes.
I was initially measured on 8/3 and started working with my trainer on 8/10. So- essentially- we are talking about 5 months of work with the trainer.
I've lost:
2.5" in my chest
4.5" in my waist (belly button)
4.25" in my hips
2.5" on each arm
2.5" on each thigh
1.5 on each calf
Total inches lost= 24.25"

Considering that the holiday season was a part of this- I'm very pleased with the results so far. I've lost 1% in total body fat and building lean muscle while also still losing weight (albeit slowly as of late)

Some of the change may be very slow- but I'm still very committed to seeing it through to my goals. I'm hoping to hit those goals within this year- but it may take longer. I'm ok with that.

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