Sunday, January 16, 2011

The things you do for fitness- Day 9

Today was one of those days where I really wondered if I would be able to get the workout in- or if I even wanted to. I won't lie, I really considered taking the day off. It was a very long day- my Dad was in town all day starting from meeting him for breakfast and then back at our house all day- including a big steak dinner (he lives out West and misses midwestern beef- so we indulged). He left around 6pm and I just really didn't know if I had it in me.

But I know- I KNOW- I never regret a workout- so I decided that the challenge of 100 Days is simply to do 30 minutes of intentional activity. Doesn't have to be intense or crazy- just move. So- I figured I'd pick out a fun fitness video from on demand and just move along with it.

I started with 11 minutes of Yoga. I've never really done yoga before and I know it can be difficult. The hardest part is trying to follow along while your head is facing down and you need to see the instructor. Fitness Entrepreneurs: You should build a yoga studio where the floor is glass and we can see you from above- that would be awesome. Anyway- after 11 minutes, I decided this wasn't "easy" enough for me today- and that I'd have to do it again another day. So I looked through the videos again and saw something called "Cardioke". is exactly what it sounds like- cardio aerobics while singing. It was kind of fun, but also kind of ridiculous. It did exactly what I was looking for- get me moving- but it isn't something I would do often. It was "hosted" by Billy Banks, Jr. Yes- that Billy Blanks, well- his son. This was definitely no Tae Bo.

Day 9- done. And I'm very happy about that. (truth be told, my legs are still KILLING me from the kettlebell workout yesterday- I'd like to never see squats again).


  1. Right now on my "rest" days, I just set the treadmill on an incline and walk for 30. I hadn't thought about checking through On Demand for workout programs. I'm glad you mentioned it!

  2. Glad it gave you an idea! We've got Uverse and they have over 100 videos OnDemand- some are really short and some are almost an hour long- nice selection of varying levels.
    I've got a treadmill at home too- but just couldn't do it today. . .

  3. That's awesome! It doesn't need to be high-intensity every time. Sounds like you got moving & had fun.