Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mind over matter- Day 18

I have a Twitter account - @That_girl_lola - and one of my friends over there- Anda at Leaving Fatville was talking about a #plankathon being put on by YumYucky.com - well, I got curious. People are posting videos of themself doing Planks (in various positions) and challenging to see how long they can hold it for. I was going to be brave and say I could go for 5 minutse- but then someone up and did 6 minutes....

I'm super competitive even when I don't have to be- so I jokingly said I would be going for 10 minutes...well, the internets being what they are- - - people trying to get me to do it...I said I'd try...a 10 minute plank with a fitness ball for assistance.
I did it! So excited!

I also had worked out earlier in the day- I did 20 minutes on the spin bike and 20+ mins of strenght training-focus on the back.

If you don't watch the whole video- that's cool, I have to post it though ...a matter of pride.


  1. Okay, that's amazing. I do the type on my forearms, and I am dying by 60 seconds.

  2. Beth- I won't lie- the forearm ones are harder. I can do 1 minute on forearms (well, probably COULD go a little longer, but I don't try). The stability ball does help to balance the weight a bit more- but you still feel the pull quite a bit. I think I might do some weekly plank nights where I do 3 1-min forearms planks and then 1x a week or so- do a 5 min stability ball one. Easy to do while watching TV :) My wrists were KILLING me though.

  3. You're totally cute, BTW--fun to "meet" you in a video. :)

  4. Ha! :) Thanks. I'm a dork..that's my first vlog ever.