Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lucky 13 - Clean, Pristine snow

Meet *Ninja Runner* :)
This is me- just after my run. It is a HORRIBLE picture of me- but then again- I just ran almost 3 miles in 3.5 inches of fresh snow LOL. My friend, Liz, at Eternal Lizdom - calls this my ninja hat- so I did this for her.
The next one is more beautiful- it was almost completely untouched. They had plowed much earlier in the day- and then snow covered it all again. I wore my YakTrax and it was perfect. I had an amazing pace of a 10:21 avg per mile- covered 2.91 miles in just over 30 min and it felt great. The funny thing is, I realized while putting on my YakTrax today that the previous 2 times I used them, I put them on backwards.

This is the cemetery where I run- it is great because no traffic and nice, varied paths with some (but not too tough) hills. When it is clear- there are some "off road" areas that are grass paths with larger hills I can train on.

Was nice to get a strong, quick run in today. I start my formal training program on Saturday for the Half Marathon that I'm doing in May. I'm feeling good going into the start.
Day 13- complete!


  1. One of these days, I want to run in a cemetary.

    Love the pics, Ninja!

  2. Wow, that's a fantastic pace! Great run!