Monday, January 17, 2011

10 in a row!

I'm absolutely positive I've never exercised for 10 days in a row before...a new, great milestone.
It wasn't anything spectacular- honestly, my quads were STILL sore from kettlebell squats on Saturday. I decided to just go for a slow walk (3.0) on the treadmill and work in elevation. This treadmill goes up in elevation to by levels up to 12. I'm not sure what the % grade is- but but I did 2 minutes at each level working my way up- and then did 1 minute at each level as I worked my way back down. I started with about 5 minutes at the beginning at 0 and then about 6 at the end at 0. I got a great sweat and was glad I got moving.
Tomorrow I'll get a run in and I'm looking foward to it.

Day 10 complete- 100 Day Challenge

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