Thursday, January 27, 2011

Days 19 and 20

No worries! I didn't take a day off- just didn't get a chance to blog it last night.
Yesterday- I had a fantastic run. 30 minutes, 2.93 miles- and a 10:17 avg pace. I was so irritated though, when my Nike+ (here we go again) synced with iTunes but didn't upload the data to the Nike+ is like it doesn't exist. I can still see it in iTunes- but it doesn't show up frustrating! It was one of my best runs ever.

Today- my youngest daugher was sick- so I had to leave work early- but thankfully, my husband had some overlap with his schedule- so I was able to hit the gym first and get in a nice strength routine in with some core work and a few 30 second forearm planks - and then off for about 10 minutes of spinning- just to get the heart rate up some.

20 days down....