Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 3- 100 Day challenge

To keep myself honest (and to also keep me blogging more regularly)- I am going to try to post daily what my 30 min (minimum) of activity was for the 100 Day Challenge. On some days- I may not have much to say- so it really may just be a quick post of what I did that day.

While doing some furniture shopping today, I also picked up a pair of YakTrax for my shoes to help me run better on snow/icy conditions- I'm hoping to test them out this week as we are supposed to get some snow.

It was a pretty busy day and I was really hoping to get a more intense workout in- but as the day wore on and so many of our plans swallowed up the hours, I finally settled on doing another On Demand workout at home so that I could quickly get it in and spend max time with my family before the week's craziness begins.

#100DayChallenge - 3 days down.

(as a side note to myself- any day that I do not work out- if sick, or if really truly can't fit it in schedule- will be tacked on to the end; but preference is to do 100 days in a row)

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