Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 22- Exhausted!

I'm not exhausted from 22 days of activity- just today's activity itself!
First up: running club, mini training!
Pace-wise, it was a little slower than I thought it felt like (that is, if Nike+ was accurate). I did double check it with and it seems to be pretty accurate for distance today.
I think that towards the end- I had returned sooner than expected and ran a couple back and forths in one area- so I think the turn arounds (each dip at the end of the graph) calculated as a much slower pace which threw off the overall pace. Still- it's just fine with me :) Today was one of those days I was absolutely loving running - that's one of things I love about running club, that common bond and support.

After I was done, I had to rush home and change clothes to head right out to the gym for my session with the trainer. Like I have said before, I love my trainer- but enough with the squats already!!! The thing is, I know they work but yeouch!! Kettlebells, weights, tiptoe squats. Then ab work and pull ups (assisted, of course!) My body is sore- but it is that good sore that tells you that you really worked and pushed it and are making real improvements.

Day 22- in and done!

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