Wednesday, January 12, 2011

100 Day Challenge- Day 6; a new adventure in snow running

I had a fun run today- and although my Nike+ didn't calculate the pace/distance correctly, I still think it was fine. Typically when I run for about 30 minutes, I hit anywhere from 2.6 to 2.8 miles in that time. I think that the additional equipment on my feet may have interfered with the Nike timing chip because the chart looks funky and says I only did 2.4 miles. I know that isn't right because my pace felt pretty good and I didn't take any walk breaks. Anyway. . .minutia.

I was so excited because when I got to the cemetery where I run- the paths looked like this:
Snow covered and small patches of iced over snow pack. SOOOOOO, that meant I got to use my brand new YakTrax!!
They are easy to put on (which is not how it would seem when you take them out of the box):

Even more important - they WORK! I run several loops around the outer paths of the cemetery and liked seeing the distinct track in the snow as I came back around. Only one area where the snow had broken up a bit cause my foot to slip ever so slightly. Otherwise, I felt solid on my feet- comfortable and unhindered. I bought these on my own and am not being paid for my opinion in any way- I just think it's nice when a product does what it says it will.
It was 25 degrees, 13 with the brisk wind chill - but with my YakTrax and my Under Armour, I was warm and able to get a nice run in. The downside? I have no excuses NOT to run when it is cold anymore. :) (kidding...I blocked out those excuses awhile ago)

#100DayChallenge Day 6- DONE!

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