Thursday, July 28, 2011

Where's My Mojo?

I know it is easy to say that life gets in the way sometimes- but man, I feel like there are serious forces acting in opposition to my goals. We all have them, really. I know this isn't any different than any human being but I'm hoping that by listing them out- it will help me organize my strategy to push forward.
- work schedule
- kids' schedule
- hubby's schedule
- low energy (see 1st items)
- not getting enough sleep (I control that one- have to do better here).
- not planning ahead
- not sticking to food plans
- have made some progress planning for dinners but then mindlessly snack after dinner, giving in to temptations

There are other, non-regular obstacles- but these are the every day, all the time ones. And they are big- but I have to be stronger than they are. Some of them I use as excuses- but I'm having a hard time really getting a routine going. I still work out at least 3 times a week in some way- sometimes it is all running- sometimes it is running and lifting- but when I was at 5-6 days a week of workouts - it seems like so much less.

I guess we all hit ruts- the weather knocks the energy out of us- and so can life. Sometimes I look at the clutter in my house after a long day and just wrinkle my nose like I Dream of Jeannie and wish it all away. It never disappears, but a girl can try!

Before I left my last job- I had a really great routine going because I had a much more flexible schedule that allowed me to go in early and then get my workout in before picking up my kids - but my new schedule (and TRAFFIC!!) won't allow that now. I also had a group of very supportive people who were all trying to lose weight and get healthy- so we kept each other on track. The new job (at least the first 4 months) have been so incredibly busy that lunches are either scarfed down at my desk or there is a social event (many more than I did at the old job) that is lunch out with a group. I love the new social opportunites and food options- but I'm making less-than-the-best choices, and I know it.

So- I'm recommitting to myself. I'm not typically a "I'll start on Monday" kind of girl- but the truth is, I need to go grocery shopping- and that isn't happening until Sunday- so Monday, it is. I'm going to add 1 day of exercise a week to my goal- so I'm going for 4 weeks of 4 workouts- at least 30 minutes long- and including AT LEAST 2 strength training workouts a week. For the record- this includes the week of our Family Vacation to Myrtle Beach. The condo we have has an exercise room- and we are on the beach! So there is no excuse. I can't promise I'll be completely on track with food at the beach - I haven't had a beach vacation since my honeymoon 7 years ago - but between Monday and vacation- I am going to eat well and within reason. And I will get right back on track after the beach.

I think I feel a glimmer of mojo on the horizon! (Always feels better with a plan!)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

When Fitness shows. . .

I had a really good run today. Not just because my avg pace was less than 11:30 per mile for a 60 min run - and not just because I ran 5.3 miles at 82 degrees with 80% humidity- feeling like 89 degrees.

Here's why:
I have been wanting to go back to the weekly Saturday morning training runs with one of the local running shoe companies- but just haven't. . .until today. I have signed up for another half marathon on November 5 and decided this week I better get much more serious about my training if I plan to complete it. I got up at 6am this morning- without any idea how long we were going to run today. In my head, thought it might be 45 minutes- but had no clue. Showed up to the announcement that it was 60 mins. For the first time ever- I didn't panic about that. I mean, I know it was hot- I knew it had been awhile since I ran that long- but hey- I was here, I was up- and darn it, I was going to do it. I took off on the run and felt good the entire time- legs felt strong, lungs felt strong - body didn't rebel. It felt GREAT actually. Towards the end- the running group sponsors had set up a water station at the final mile - and I took a brief pause for some water- and another girl stopped shortly after I did. She took off again right as I did- and we both smiled and sighed that we were glad it was the last mile. Then she kept pace with me until the end. Then a very unusual (for me) thing happened - when we finished and I said "good job- it's hot out here!) - she said "How fast do you run?" and I said "It varies, but usually anywhere from 11 to 11.5 min miles usually" and she said "I usually run with another partner but I want to get faster which is why I was keeping pace with you at the end" This MADE MY DAY. I mean, I am not breaking any speed records - but for someone want to use ME and MY pace to help them get faster made me feel really good. I've stopped caring about pace - and the funny thing is- I run faster now. I still keep track of it- and like that it is improving- but I don't obsess about it like I once did.

The Title - When Fitness Shows - I'm always amazed by what the human body will do- if you nudge it just a little. I've been running but not really regularly- and almost never more than 30 minutes since the Ragnar Relay in June. I was shocked how well my body performed on today's extra hot run after not having tackled that distance in awhile. And after? I felt better than I ever used to. Before, when I first started training - I would run 5 miles and then hobble from car to home because I was so sore. Today- I bounced out of my van into the house and took off to a pool party after a quick shower. It doesn't happen overnight- but eventually- your fitness shows, when you least expect it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Time Warp

I honestly do not know how an entire month can go by without posting- yet it seems like it was just a week ago. My days and weeks absolutely fly by now. I guess that's a sign that I'm having fun! :)

Work has been very busy and, I'll admit, I've been less than dilligent about keeping very true to my training regimen. Unfortunately, it shows on the scale too. I am eating about the same- but when you go from working out 5 or 6 days a week to 2 - that makes a big difference in how many calories you can really eat.

This isn't about beating myself up- it is really about setting my mind right. I know what I need to do- and I just truly have to do it. Getting into a routine of getting up really early every morning is about the only time I'll be able to fit it in. I dislike running on treadmills- but if that is how I have to get in my midweek runs, then so be it- it is better than NOT running. I have my 2nd half marathon in November, I have plenty of time to train and I'm still able to run 3-4 miles with little trouble.

Wondering if the heat zaps the motivation out of anyone else? I actually lose weight better in the Fall and Winter  - I wonder why? This year, I think it is because of my job change and still adjusting to how our new schedule works. If I could find an inexpensive gym really close by- with a shower- I'd get a regular lunchtime workout in. I would also like to see my trainer more often but it has been really hard to work our schedules around each other and I've missed a couple of weeks.

Frustrated but not giving up!