Thursday, July 21, 2011

Time Warp

I honestly do not know how an entire month can go by without posting- yet it seems like it was just a week ago. My days and weeks absolutely fly by now. I guess that's a sign that I'm having fun! :)

Work has been very busy and, I'll admit, I've been less than dilligent about keeping very true to my training regimen. Unfortunately, it shows on the scale too. I am eating about the same- but when you go from working out 5 or 6 days a week to 2 - that makes a big difference in how many calories you can really eat.

This isn't about beating myself up- it is really about setting my mind right. I know what I need to do- and I just truly have to do it. Getting into a routine of getting up really early every morning is about the only time I'll be able to fit it in. I dislike running on treadmills- but if that is how I have to get in my midweek runs, then so be it- it is better than NOT running. I have my 2nd half marathon in November, I have plenty of time to train and I'm still able to run 3-4 miles with little trouble.

Wondering if the heat zaps the motivation out of anyone else? I actually lose weight better in the Fall and Winter  - I wonder why? This year, I think it is because of my job change and still adjusting to how our new schedule works. If I could find an inexpensive gym really close by- with a shower- I'd get a regular lunchtime workout in. I would also like to see my trainer more often but it has been really hard to work our schedules around each other and I've missed a couple of weeks.

Frustrated but not giving up!

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