Saturday, January 8, 2011

Starting on a high note

Back from the dead!

Well- no, not really. I just haven't taken the time to blog a lot lately. I've been kind of frustrated with another plateau I'm now dealing with. I'm still pushing through- but it's irritating.
The good news, though, is that I made it through the holidays (perhaps the first time) without gaining any significant weight. Between Dec 10 and Jan 7- I gained 2.2 lbs (I could put a lot of caveats on this too- but I won't). Considering I ate any/all holiday meals, treats (etc) that I wanted- I think I'll call that success.

I don't have the focus to really map out all of the last couple of weeks- but the highlights?
  • The week between Christmas and New Years, I worked out 6 days in a row; ran 2 5ks that week.
  • In the first week of the New Year, I've done a couple of things:
    • Been frustrated with the scale not moving
    • Began to focus back on cleaning up my eating. Need more whole foods, and recheck portions
    • Finally went to doctor about foot pain- plantar fasciatis, small heel spur - very treatable without any surgery and I can run during the healing process so no downtime.
    • Couldn't make my training appt today due to the gym daycare being closed (again!); so I came home and did a Fitness Bootcamp (Enviga) from our On Demand
I needed to kind of turn things up a little, when - Sara (@SeeSaraRun on Twitter) asked me if I was doing the #100DayChallenge

100 Day Challenge

John "The Penguin" Bingham has started a 100 Day Challenge beginning Jan 1, 2011. (If you're not sure who John Bingham is, check him out here)
This challenge asks that you dedicate 30 minutes everyday for exercise for 100 days. It doesn't have to be hardcore, it can be walking around your neighborhood, just move consistently and intentionally for 30 minutes everyday. The 30 minutes don't even have to all be together- 10 min here, 10 there, etc.
I didn't hear about the challenge until after it had started, so I began on Friday with a 2.5 mile run in the snow. It was fresh snow- and my footprints were the first tracks. It was awesome.
Today- (as mentioned above) was day 2 and I was thwarted when I got to the gym and the daycare was not open again. But thankfully, it was naptime for my youngest- so I came home and put her down, got my 4 yr old busy- and turned on the video and got to work. I'm talking jumping jacks, tire sprints, squat thrusts and so much more. It was tough, but I got a great sweat going and felt really good after.
Here's to the next 98 days!


  1. Wow, that is quite a challenge! Good for you! I'm so glad you have a diagnosis AND a good prognosis for your heel--hoping it heals (no pun intended) very quickly.

  2. I ran in that snow, too- it was pretty!! And I enjoyed seeing my foot prints- learned from them.

    Interesting challenge! Very cool!