Thursday, December 1, 2011

Staying motivated to run. . .when you can't!

It is kind of funny that in my last post I said I would be doing a "posting series about staying motivated to" and then I got really sick . . .and now I can't run.

That is one of the hardest things I had to come to grips with about running. That you really have to work at getting back out for a run when things get in your way. Work gets busy, LIFE gets busy, you get a couple of runs in and think "great! now I'm in a routine again" and WHAM! You get a cold. Now, I know that some people can run with colds - and more power to them! However, with my asthma, I really can't mess around when I get a cold because it is prone to move directly to my chest, no matter what. That typically means I'm out for a week, at least. I've just come down with a cold- that I'm already feeling in my chest. I have a race on Dec 10 - 8 days from now. Blaaarrrrrrrggghhh!

That's one thing I do to stay motiveated and get back out there quickly when things get in the way: Sign up for regular races! The one on 12/10 will be my 7th (and last) race of the year.  As long as I have a race coming up, I know I'll get back out there the first chance I get.

I'd like to know how others stay motivated, or get back on track, after an extended break or illness. What do you do?

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  1. It's tough sometimes! I miss one day, maybe even just 2, and I suddenly don't feel like going. The cookies and cheese start calling my name.. I have learned to just override myself. NOT going, is not an option. Rain is not an excuse, I run when I am able, not when it is convenient, and if it means, like today, that I am outside at 5 am, in the rain, when it is 35 degrees out, then so be it. I don't melt, and I had a great 4.5 miles. I tell myself I am a runner. Runners don't make excuses. And I lace up my shoes.

  2. I am in a huge motivation rut since the Monumental. Haven't been out once. I am hoping some awesome new running shoes for Christmas will get my butt in gear. If not that, we are joining a gym soon, that will help me do something.

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