Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Giveaway (and a new post!)

It's been a minute since I posted last (ok, maybe several minutes).
No worries- I've been busy with work and working my run schedule.
I've been adding races to keep my training on track- or at the very least semi-consistent.
I'm re-learning how to make 5 a.m. workouts my friend.
The good news is that I'm nearing my 2 year runniversary- which is not something I expected to hit. I've just always given up before- but I truly have a love for it now. I've figured out how to work through the rough runs and to shrug off the plain BAD runs- I've learned how to let it build me up mentally- but also not break me down emotionally. Plus? I'm building quite the tech shirt collection.

Now for the FUN part!
You may remember that this time last year, I gave away an iFitness running belt after doing a month long review (don't remember? check it out here). I still use this belt on almost every single run, and if I don't- it's because I'm using my OTHER iFitness running belt (same belt, different color). It has ALWAYS lived up to what they say it will- it doesn't slip, it doesn't bounce and it holds SO much. Not every time, but most times- I run with my phone, my keys, my inhaler, my ID, chap stick and iPod and gum. All of it fits in the belt. That's the double pouch.
This giveaway? It's for the single pouch iFitness running belt - if you win, YOU get to pick what color you want. Aside from my SHOES, my running belt is my second most necessary accessory for my running.
I'm going to do a posting series for the next couple of weeks- about the things I do to keep myself motivated, to stay prepared and to run, run, RUN!
For you- it's easy- just comment. Say hi, tell me your favorite accessory or tell me why you need this running belt. You can enter once, every time I post between now and when I do the drawing on 11/19.
I'll talk more about this running belt in each post- but if you have any questions- use your entry to ask them too!
Happy Running!


  1. I have been wanting one of these!! :)

  2. 2 years is great! Congrats! I had a lull in my running post Levi, so really I have been a regular runner for a year, then not so much for a year... then a regular runner... BUT I feel the same as you, my runs are now my ME time. They really are not a expendable part of my schedule anymore, and I am happiest when I am running at least 20 miles a week! They are my stress reliever, my fun, my quiet.

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