Friday, November 19, 2010

All I do is win, win, win no matter what. . .(a review and contest!)

This is going to be a really fun post. I'm really excited about what has come my way this week.
I am going to do a month-long trial of the iFitness Neoprene Double Pouch (Grey w/ Pink Zip) Running Belt - document how it performs for me from now until December 15th and share what I like best, and maybe what I don't like, about it.

The Contest

What's in it for you? Well- you can WIN one for yourself (you get to pick which color you'd like)!
Here's how:
From now until December 31st- when you purchase any running belt from Running Belt by iFitness and use the code: RunLola - you will receive free shipping on your belt(s)! This is great for gifts for your active friends and family, may they be runners, walkers, bicyclists, etc. It might also just be a great gift to yourself.

Now- how do you win one without buying it? I've got you covered!
Here is what you need to do.
1. (Required to be eligible) You need to go to Facebook and like the iFitness page and follow them on Twitter @iFitnessRunning (1 entry); you need to comment on this post with your name and twitter handle so I can check for you on those pages. (if you want to remain more anonymous- you can email it to me to make sure you get counted)

Once you have completed step 1- you can gain additional entries by doing the following:
2. Tweet about the giveaway (make sure to mention me- @that_girl_lola - in your tweet with a link to this ORIGINAL post. ) Here is a shortened link for you to use:
3. Re-tweet one of my tweets about the reviews/contest (will only count for 1 additional entry total)
4. Comment on my blog about the post/giveaway (you may comment on every post that mentions the iFitness running belt but only 1 entry per person per post comment)
5. Post a blog post on your own blog with a link back to my contest about why you would like to win. (only one post on your blog will count, multiple ones will not count for additional entries) Again, you can use the shortened to link back.

My First Review-
Today I took my first run using my new  iFitness Neoprene Double Pouch (Grey w/ Pink Zip) Running Belt.
They have many different kinds of belts from single pouch, to arm gel holders for distance athletes, to mini pouches to double pouches like I have here. They are also working to introduce a few new products soon.
I chose the double pouch because whether I'm running on my own or in a race, I typically have several things to carry with me- including: keys, inhaler (I'm an asthmatic), id/credit card, iPod and phone- sometimes gum and/or chapstick. I have a running belt already that has 3 small compartments- I could usually shove the everything in it- but once I got my new phone (an HTC EVO for reference to phone size) it would not fit at all- and certainly not with all those other items. (and my inhaler never fit in that belt).

Because I'm testing it out- I tried to put as much in the double pouch as possible- everything listed above was in it (sans id/cc). I should mention that there is a reinforced pocket in the back of one of the pouches just for id/cc, as well. As I got moving- I was aware that the belt was there- but it didn't bounce, it didn't slide, it wasn't heavy at all- except for the weight of the items.

Here is how iFitness describes this produce:
We are a one of a kind running belt company which specializes in keeping athletes hands free. Plus, our belts are guaranteed not bounce, chafe or ride up as you run! Our belts come in Neoprene, a water resistant material that will keep your iPhone, Droid, Blackberry or iPod safe from rain or sweat. Our belts are meant to be worn low and tight around the hips. All our belts include a special inner pocket to keep your ID, money and credit cards separate and secure (on the double neoprene belt that additional inner pocket is on the side that the iFitness logo is on). The Neoprene Double Pouch belt designed to fit all of your essentials- including phone, keys, ID, credit cards and fuel supply. It has two water resistant pouches- perfect to keep energy gels, keys or camera separate from your phone.

**I have not been paid for this review. I get to keep the running belt when this contest and review period is over- but the opinions of the product are completely mine.

So far- after 1 run, I'm very pleased with how it performed. While the belt is adjustable- it will be good to see how it holds up over the next month or if there is any stretching out from general wear and tear. It stayed put and was easy to access and I'd like to see how it performs as I hit colder/snowier weather.

Let's start a contest! :) Good luck to you all!


  1. 1. I followed on Facebook and Twitter!

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  2. I followed iFitness on FB and Twitter! I am @Mercade on Twitter and Tricia Rush on FB!

  3. Tweeted the giveaway! This is an awesome giveaway!

  4. A great preliminary review! I thought it was a water-carrying belt, but I prefer the idea of one that will carry all the extras! Can't wait to see how it holds up for you!

  5. Retweeted your post AND I'm going to post this to my FB page! Lots of runner friends there!

  6. I'm following on FB and Twitter now! @cbethblog. Sounds like a good belt!

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