Friday, November 12, 2010

Truth in Reporting

Sometimes with the good, there is also not-so-good news. My last post was so positive, so wonderful- and I love re-reading it...However, this week I had a not-so-good week. Some of it was situational, but most of it was being lazy and taking advantage of those situations.

It started on Wednesday - in the overnight, my oldest daughter woke up at 3:30am vomiting - fun, right? So- knowing I'd be the one to stay home with her this time, I cleaned her up and got her settled and then stayed home on Wednesday - this meant two things. Because I had not slept well the night before, I didn't feel very energetic and I knew with my schedule that day I wasn't going to get a workout in. No biggie- I'd make it up on Thursday. Well...sabotage 1. I spent ALL DAY Wednesday eating- anything and everything- healthy and junky....completely insatiable. I mean, I wouldn't call it binging but it was just pick pick pick all day.
Then by Thursday, I felt so awful physically from the food on Wednesday that I didn't go for my run because I couldn't- I was not even able to stand fully straight my stomach was in that much pain. Lots of lessons learned and I probably don't even need to spell them out.

Today- back on track and facing the music. My weigh ins (the ones that count anyway, I'm a serial weigher) are on Friday morning - and I was UP 1.4 lbs. I faced it, I own it, I'm moving on.
After work I ran 2 miles and felt great - got a good sweat and tomorrow I'll have a great workout with my trainer - that will still be workout 4 for the week- not the best, but certainly a far stretch from where I was a year ago.

I've got a plan to get, and stay, on track very strictly for the next few weeks- hopefully this weekend I'll get a chance to share more of that.

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  1. There is this thing called Life that can easily step in and rattle you up a bit! We've all been there. The important thing to focus on is not that you did the food thing. The important thing is that you got back on track. It's one thing to choose to go nuts and never stop. It's another to give yourself that day and then get back to normal after.