Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pictures say a lot.

Not a big post here- these are comparison pictures. The ones on the top/bottom left are from Feb 2010***(see below)- the first 5k I ran this year. The top/bottom right are from Nov 2010, the 6th race of the year.
For clarity, on the left, I'm in the white, and on the right, I'm in the blue
Now, I don't care for either set of pics, but they are race pics, so you aren't expected to look pretty. What do I see? I see a better shape, stronger form, more confident shoulders and determination.

***Editor's Note: I'm an idiot. When I first posted this- I was thinking it was from the Feb race - but it was from the 500 Festival 5k in MAY 2010 (my 3rd race of year). This is actually a 6 month progression, not 9 month. So that's even better!


  1. That's what I see too. You look like a RUNNER!

  2. You know what I see? Someone who is rockin' it!! You look INTENSE in the recent pics!! Love it!