Tuesday, November 23, 2010

iFitness Running Belt- experiences 2 and 3

So far- the iFitness Double Pouch Belt has totally lived up to what it says it will do.

This morning- I used it for the 2nd time. I wasn't running, but I was weight training and didn't have any pockets to hold my iPod or other items. I thought it would be a good opportunity to see how it does or does not get in the way- it was great! I forgot it was even there! I did ab work, and a full upper body work out- and never felt it once. It didn't move, bouce or stick me in the back with the connector piece on the back (watch out folks, real high tech talk here).

It was a great morning though- I was at the gym at 5 a.m. and got in a great workout. Because of some responsibilities at home before this long holiday weekend, I couldn't get my cardio in after weights- so I planned an after work run.

I was really glad I did because I was able to use the belt again and also earn a Personal Record on pace! I ran 2.53 miles in 26:03 - about a 10:15mm. I was fast today- much faster than normal. But, I planned properly with my inhaler, had fueled properly throughout the day, and it was a nice cool temp out- so it kept me moving. Legs felt GREAT! The belt - WHAT BELT?- I couldn't even feel it. It didn't move, it didn't interfere, it didn't slip and it held my phone, keys, iPod and a few other odds and ends. There was a ton of room left to spare.

DO NOT FORGET that you can win one of these belts for FREE! Go read this original entry to read all of the ways you can be entered in this fun contest!

Also- if you can't wait to win it, or need one NOW or want to make a great gift for the active folks in your life- From now until December 31st- when you purchase any running belt from Running Belt by iFitness and use the code: RunLola - you will receive free shipping on your belt(s)!

Heading into the Thanksgiving holiday- I'm armed with a workout plan and a general food plan. I'm not going to say "I can't have that" about anything- but I'm going to be very conscious of my intake and portion sizes. And I've got the plan to get in several workouts while I'm travelling to PA.

I'll check in from the road- but for now? Go read, tweet, post and WIN!


  1. Way to plan your workouts for the holiday. I know it will work for you!

  2. Still sounding like a great belt. And sounds like you got a couple of great workouts!

  3. I didn't stick to any sort of workout routine over the holiday weekend- there truly wasn't time. And I'm finding it a struggle this week already. So bonus points to you for sticking with it- I bet having a fancy new running belt helps you stay motivated!

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