Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for running and a new running belt!

The truth is- I'm thankful for so much more than my new running belt- but while I may not have run as much as I had originally planned during my trip to PA, I did get in one good run with my husband and the Grey and Pink Neoprene Double Pouch was there for me again!

This was the first run EVER that my husband and I did together. He's almost an entire foot taller than me- so his stride is completely different, but his running is a lot more sporadic- so even though we run differently- our paces are somewhat similar. It was cold in PA on Friday morning - about 25 degrees- but there was a break of sunshine, so we went for it. Got bundled up and strapped on the running belt and filled it with my inhaler, keys and my phone (which is an HTC EVO for those wondering - it's similar to, but bulkier than an iPhone and easily fits in one of the pouches of the belt - along with other items).

I had never run near my mom's house- so since I had not plotted out a course beforehand, I kept it simple and we ran what I estimated to be half-mile loops. Just wanted to get our legs warm and our lungs working- so we were not out for a distance run. Just about 22 minutes. I had used Endomondo (a generally great app to track progress) but it didn't work properly and said we only covered .24 miles in 21:48. I may not be a fast runner, but I know I went a lot farther than that!

I drove the loop later - and it was actually .6 - so we covered 1.8 in 21:48- just over a 12 minute mile. Nothing I'll be winning races with but it was good to get out there with my husband and work off some of that turkey (or the wine, or that other wine).

The belt held up awesome, once again. No slipping- no bouncing- - and I just don't even notice it is there. For the record- I wear it over my clothes too- usually on wicking clothing. Thought that might actually make it ride up.....nope...nothing. :0)

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  1. I like that the belt doesn't bounce!

  2. I wish Jeff and I had an activity in common. However, if he starts running, there's no one to watch the kids! I do like when we take family walks together, though.

    One thing I love about having a running belt is using it when not running, too. Don't know if you'll have a chance coming up but if you go to any outdoor holiday events- like the zoo or something- wear your running belt instead of carrying a purse. :)