Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catching up a few days

After a very busy weekend of just me and the kids- I took a step back and looked at my goals and what I really want. And the biggest theme from that thought process? Take out the stress!!!
So- I think I made the best choice for me by taking a day off last week and leaving the #100 days challenge idea...I just had to take a break.

But after taking Sunday to play with my kids and play- I got back into my training schedule (which I'm happy to say I hadn't missed any of those scheduled workouts) for the mini marathon in May. There was still too much ice on Monday to run outside- so it was the treadmill again- but that's ok. I've given the treadmill some credit for being there for me :) I am hoping to get back to running outside tomorrow- it will be cold but sunny- which is fine for me.
Today was a strength training day and I did core and lower body.

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  1. We had a 40 degree weekend last weekend and I was dying to get the kids out to play in the "warm" weather. But the dang snow was still covering everything. I can't wait for spring. Blarg.