Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's true, ice is a motivation killer!

Day 26 and had to eek this one out. I wanted to run- but I wanted to run OUTSIDE. But as crazy as I am and as cold as I like it- I was NOT going to run with 1"+ ice on the ground- that just wouldn't be smart. There really isn't even snow on top of it for traction.

I'm lucky to have a very nice treadmill at home - but since I became a convert to outdoor running, we have sort of a love hate relationship. So- I decided that since my mini-training schedule called for 25 minutes of effort- I was going to just run/walk it (the only way I can get through a treadmill workout anymore) and then for the last 5 minutes to add up to 30, I slowed the treadmill way down and did slow walking lunges and then some pushups on the handles and a few tri-dips backwards.

As always- I felt so much better when I was done; really sweat the laziness right out. Something about being couped up all day with 2 restless kids and a cranky husband make you want to sit on your butt. But I didn't, and I'm thankful.

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