Saturday, March 5, 2011

10k and so much more

It has been mor than awhile since I posted- everything has been great- just really busy and haven't made the time to blog.

So many things to talk about- non-scale victories (NSV), working what works, and more than impressing myself.
So- first things first. . . .

Weight Watchers-
After having some very unfocused and very slow weight loss- I decided to go back to what I know works for me...and that is Weight Watchers. Yes, I have successfully lost 70 lbs on my own- but I want to continue with solid losses and I needed to refocus. Since Weight Watchers has so drastically changed their plan, I decided it would be great to have a new approach to my eating habits - and tracking, tracking, tracking.
And whattya know- in the first week- I lost 3.1# Back on track.

Shocking Shopping
The 10k I ran today- the forecast was all kinds of gloomy and rainy and cold; temps would start at around 50 and drop considerably (50 at start- 38 by finish). So I knew I needed a real rain jacket that would keep me dry without overheating. I invested in a The North Face jacket that is waterproof but also breathable. When I started my weight loss journey- I wouldn't have even been able to get this jacket because I'm not sure they have a plus size line - so, I would have had to buy a men's jacket. But I knew I had successfully crossed under that line, so I grabbed the women's XL and thought for sure it would fit. It didn't. Shocked, awed and COMPLETELY STOKED because the XL was TOO BIG!!! I had to buy a L - I looked at my husband and almost started crying I was so excited.

The 10k
When I first attempted running- it was late 2005, September/Octoberish. I was going to train for the Mini Marathon and the day I went to run/walk my first 10k ever- I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I have not done a 10k since, until today. It was rainy, it was cool and I had the goal to finish between 1 hour 10 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes and I wanted to run the whole thing - about 5.5 miles and it was getting tough, I wanted to walk sooo bad- but I wasn't going to let my head get the best of me, I had run this far, I was running to the finish. My official time was 1 hour 13 minutes and 40 seconds.
After the finish- as I waited for some friends to come in- I started crying. I was crying tears of joy and pride because not only had I made my goal- but this time last year, I could not run ONE full mile without stopping. It is amazing what the human body can accomplish and evolve into.

The 15k in April is still a little daunting at this point- but the 10k today showed me that proper training works and I know I can get there by then.

Now where is my beer - because today, I have earned it!

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  1. I am so proud of you/excited for you, Lola!! You did awesome.

    3.1 pounds...6.2 miles. Sounds like a successful week. :)