Saturday, March 17, 2012


For the first time in 2+ years of consistent running- I have a real injury that stopped me from completing a run I was on. I'm both frustrated that it happened, happy that it helped me to recognize a few necessary changes required and antsy to return to my routine.

I was out running on a beautiful night- gorgeous. Perfect mild temps just before dusk at a beautiful location on the downtown Canal in Indianapolis. I love running there. I was about 8 tenths of a mile in when I started to feel some tightness in my hip. Thought it was just a warm up thing - this wasn't typical but it wasn't painful either. I kept thinking about it though- just recognizing and trying to pay attention to it- when just over the 1 mile mark, I felt a hard pop on the high outside of my hip and then what felt like a lava-hot poker there as well- just pulsating heat. It was so sudden and hurt so bad that I couldn't even jog slowly to carry on- I had to stop and walk to a point where I could and try to stretch some- but it was clear this wasn't just going to pass. So- I called my husband to tell him I'd be gone longer than expected because I was going to have to hobble back the mile to my car. What took 11 mins to run out, took 25 mins to limp back to.

To be honest, at first I was mad at the whole situation - I've finally gotten back into a very regular running routine- and my running performance was showing that. But after a couple of days of reflecting, I was reading between the lines of the injury to recognize what really happened and what it was telling me. Here it is:- about 6 months ago- I started really pulling back from how much strength training I was doing - and recently, there is little to none of it. So while I'm still pretty active- I am convinced my body is missing this cross training and strength support. The more reading and research I did about my injury- it is likely an overuse injury due to weak muscles. *!Lightbulb!* The pain in my hip is likely caused by weak back/core muscles and weak outer thigh/hip muscles. I've been trying to coax myself back into more strength training- well, now I have my wake up call. It is either that or give up running- and that, my friends, is not going to happen. Especially not now that I've made my dedication to Ragnar's official. There is a Ragnar in all of us- you just have to find it. Mine now resides permanently on my foot.
The weather here today is absolutely beautiful and taking it easy is actually really hard when I want to be out in this and running after kids or biking or anything but being still- but I know I've got to heal before I can get stronger. I pedaled a little on the spin bike this morning to see how it felt- and it was ok- but the hip is still achey and I have to continue to be careful. So I hope you all enjoy whatever active activity you are able to go and do this weekend- do an exta set, and extra mile, and extra lap for me if you can- I'll return the favor some day!

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that! Injuries are so frustrating. Heal quickly. :)