Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Cosmic Shift

Still here- another month later. Sometimes I wonder why I blog at all- knowing full well it is mostly for myself anyway-  but a month flys by and then I realize I haven't put things I'd like to remember down in the blog.

Since my last post- I have continued with Crossfit 3x a week (except last week, missed a day). I still love it- it is very challenging but very rewarding- I often think "I'm paying someone to tell me to do this shit"- but I like it! I'm already seeing major changes in my body from an inches lost and muscular shape perspective. Most people wouldn't notice it on me yet- but I notice and that's what keeps me going.

I've also continued trail running when I get a chance- if I'm lucky I get to do that once a week. I NEVER used to run on Sundays that was always a rest day (rather I worked out or ran 2 days or 5 days+, I always rested on Sundays). I've found this has become a trail day for me. Today, it was 95 degrees - hot and muggy- yet- I didn't care that the only time I'd get to run was 1:30 or so- I HAD to get out there. I was craving a good sweat and exertion. The heat affected my pace- slowed me down a bit- but when I'm out on the trail, I actually don't care what the pace is- I just want to get stronger and more fit. Ragnar Napa is in 2.5 months- and between the crossfit, trail running and regular running training- I think this may be my best effort yet.

Finally feeling like I'm getting back to that "at my best" fit feeling again- I still have off days- but it's nice to get a glimpse of it again.


  1. Keep it up just dropping in to say hello

  2. I haven't quit- just haven't blogs coming soon!