Thursday, September 30, 2010

Consistency when faced with challenges

Today was a really busy day.

I had chosen to "sleep in" until 5:30 instead of going to workout at 4:45 in exchange for going to work early and working through lunch in order to leave early and go to the gym before picking up the kids and meeting a friend with all our kids for dinner.

However, as some days go, my day ran late and I didn't leave the office until after 4pm and had to stop once to take care of an email  - and with my commute, I didn't end up at the gym/changed and ready to work out until 4:45 (was meeting my friend at 5:45 and still had to pick up my kids in between).

Normally- I would have just said forget it and done something else to fill the time because if I could not do the WHOLE thing, then why do any of it?

The "new" mindset I have chose the better path - I decided that my strength training workout would take about 40 minutes if I really went at my normal pace. So- I cut one exercise out of the circuit and moved just slightly faster through my reps. Not breakneck speed, but a quick pace. I did this for 2 reasons- to get my heart rate up a bit more and also to get through it. I managed to finish the routine in about 32 minutes. I didn't get my normal ab work or cardio in- but it was better than doing nothing.

After dinner with the kids and getting some other things completed- I did my ab routine - and still feel that I got the full benefit of it. So, today I missed my cardio- but I still think i'll be just fine.

It feels good to know that I make the time, no matter what.

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  1. Wow, that sounds like a GREAT way to be disciplined instead of taking an easy excuse. Great job!!