Tuesday, September 28, 2010

They Can't All Be Great. . .

It would be easy to only talk about those runs or workouts where it all goes well and perfectly, but that't not real. We all know how frustrating a bad workout can be. I'm glad that I've been consistent enough to know that it is just one bad run and not something that will continue forever.

With the major cooloff that we've had here- I was excited to go running after work yesterday- but I either started off too fast, just felt sluggish or a combo of both- but between the shortness of breath (that was from running too fast at the start) and just a mental block- I did more walking than I would have liked.

Walking is still fitness too- especially when you're walking at a very brisk pace - my overall average pace was still 12:43mm - I just need to be consistent again.

I have a 5K coming up on November 6 - and I'd really like to run the whole thing and set a personal record for my 5K time.


  1. That is really still a fantastic pace in terms of keeping your heart rate up. I've had runs where I'm running the whole time, but have been slower than that.

    Here was my key to running the whole way--Just go slow. I mean, REALLY slow. You might be going at a pace of 13:00 a mile; that's okay; you'll still be running. Once I gave myself permission to just go extremely slowly, I was able to run further than I'd thought I could.

    For the record--I don't think there's ANYTHING wrong with employing a run/walk strategy. For me, though, I LIKE running the whole way. It feels good physically and mentally. So I've actually gotten away from specific pace goals. I just want to run the whole way.

  2. Given my pace still lingering between a 14-15 minute mile, I'd say you should be proud of yourself!

    I have a goal to run an entire 5K- when my body is ready.

  3. Yes, a frustrating run can really put a damper on an entire healthy mentality. It happened so many times to me in the beginning and I see it to so many friends who start the Couch to 5K program.

    Understanding it is huge.

  4. Beth- you are right, there absolutely is NOTHING wrong with a walk/run strategy - but, like you, I like the run the whole way thing - and I've only done it once in my rather short running career. Truly, it is more mental than anything. I have given myself the permission to go as slow as I can, but as my cross-training has changed the dynamics of my body, I naturally go faster and have real difficulty holding myself back.

    Liz- you are right, and honestly, any pace of ANY running, jogging or walking is good- MOVING is the #1 goal. I had just really hit a peak of about 11.5mm pace and it's hard to backslide a bit - but consistency is key.

    Huckdoll- I will say that it doesn't put a damper on my whole mentality- just a bit of frustration. Thankfully, because I already know what I am capable of- and having lost more weight and gained more fitness, I expect more of myself and therefore, get harder on myself when I don't perform as well. Totally mental. . .