Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Self Talk- the Good, the Bad and the SHUT UP and Run!

Sluggish days - we all have them.
I've got 2 kids who never seem to both sleep all night on the same nights - so sluggish? yeah, I got that.

Monday was one of those days- we'd had a rough Sunday night with the teething 10 month old and then the subsequent waking of the near 4 yr old by that 10 month old. I think I was up 3x between midnight and 4 a.m. I finally got a little rest and got up at 6 for work.

By the time it was 3pm, I had hit a wall - hard. I was so sleepy and tired and then the voices. You know the ones:

"Don't run, just eat cake" or "You are so tired, you really should rest (and eat cake!) or, my personal fave "You'll never keep this up- just eat cake and give up already!"

So- at 3:45 I told myself to SHUT UP. Really. I said it out loud - "Emily, SHUT UP and GO". I knew it was supposed to be in the mid to upper 80s outside, but I had not been out of my office all day. So I wasn't sure if I would go run outside or do the treadmill or maybe spin bike for awhile. Once I had my clothes changed and stepped outside- it was warm but there was a wonderful, consistent breeze that made it very comfortable and I KNEW this was a run outside kind of day.

I told myself I'd take it easy, start off walking and run when it felt right and walk just the same. Sometimes- the music just really moves you - you think you're just going to stroll along until THAT song comes on, that one that makes you just have to pump it- have to boogie- have to MOVE! For me - that song has recently been Eminem's "Till I Collapse" - it's kind of my own personal running mantra.

This is not an official video- but wanted to share it if you're not familiar.

So I started running- then I walked and then I ran and then I walked - back and forth like this. But I was running - and then I'd get out of breath and start to walk for a bit to recover. I really tried holding myself back on pace so that I wouldn't be out of breath- but I think, as I've been cross-training, my speed has naturally picked up and my lungs are still catching up. It turns out- that even with lots of walk breaks- my pace was under a 12 min mile - and most running portions were about 9.5mm pace - I can hardly believe that I'm building towards being able to run a sub-10 minute mile. There WILL be a party when that happens.

One more thing - we took progress measurements at the gym this past week (it's been 6 weeks). I've lost greater than 6 inches total - but more importantly, I lost 2 inches in my waist and 2.5 in my hips. The scale has started to move (albeit slowly) again - so things are starting to go the right direction again!


  1. Yeah!!!! Awesome job on the run, the self control, and the inches lost!

  2. Good for you, girl! Two inches in the waist is most definitely noticeable and wonderful.

    I just had one of those self control moments where I had to tell that voice telling me to eat chips instead of lunch. Chips are easy and tasty and fun. Mixed salad, chicken and an egg is not. But I bet I'm going to feel a lot better about myself in about an hour and forget about those chips :)