Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall has arrived!

I am so excited that Fall has finally decided to present itself in Indiana - I thought those high-80 and 90 degree temps would never leave! This coming week is supposed to be highs just near 70- and I am loving that. I am planning a run for after work tomorrow and I am already looking forward to it.

This was a great weekend - started with a great workout with our trainer at the gym followed by an awesome spinning workout. I felt really pumped all day and even though my upper back was sore (but in a good way) from the weights workout - I felt very strong. We got some cleaning done in the house and then decided to go out for dinner. While that was an adventure all its own with 2 kids, we had a great night and then tried to come home and watch a movie- but I fell asleep. . .

Sunday- we got up and had breakfast and then I took my oldest daughter to the park to play. There were a bunch of older (10-12 yr old) kids on the big playground - but she wasn't at all deterred. My biggest issue with it is that they showed no regard for her petite size OR her petite ears - I could not believe the mouths on these kids! The worst part is that the things they were saying were things you learn at home, and no where else. Really sad. But after chasing my daughter around for awhile trying to make sure she didn't get run over by these kids - we went to another playground at this park and it was better- no other kids to run her over.
Then I chased her from tree to tree in dead sprints to "race" her and took pictures of her while she tossed leaves in the air:

After we came home and had lunch, I headed back out to our yard to cut down some overgrowth next to our garage and some ivy that crept around our back fence - with a new baby this year, yard work seriously suffered. I worked until I broke a great sweat and trimmed tree limbs and sheared bushes - it was great.

I came in and tried a new recipe - Apricot Dijon Porkloin - very healthy, very low cal and it was SO good and so easy to make. I co-roasted with with some fingerling potatoes and it was an awesome dinner. Add in a little clothes folding, a little football and a lot of family time - This makes Lola a happy girl! :)


  1. Ahh, don't you just love weekends like that? Just reading about yours makes me feel happy :)

  2. I do LOVE those kinds of weekends - it all clicks, makes sense and really is the "benefits" of what we work so hard for all the time!