Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Anxiety or Training burnout?

Quick recap of this past weekend- I did go running on Saturday, but my running partner wasn't feeling well, so we opted to do 3 miles instead of the 4.5 we'd planned. Turns out- she had a double ear and upper respiratory infection- the girl is a machine! It was slower than normal for us- but not more than 20 seconds per mile slower. However- with her feeling under the weather later that day- and me having run or worked out 6 of the last 7 days, we decided to take Sunday off completely.

As this is the last full week before my race in Utah- it is meant to be the last week of longer runs before next week's taper. The running schedule was: Monday, 60 minutes, Wednesday, 50 minutes and Friday, 40 min and Saturday 20min in am/40 in pm.
Monday went off without a hitch- felt pretty good, ran a new route and enjoyed it.
Today was a little different. It was kind of muggy and given the time of month it is about to be (for me)- I'm feeling a little unenergetic and blah. I saddled up though and headed on out to do my run after work- I had planned on going the full 50 minutes- and instead I did a warm up walk of 3 minutes and started jogging. I swear- there is a jogging gnome along that trail that has an evil cackle and attaches invisible leg weights because my legs felt at least 50 lbs heavier each- it was like running through mud. So- after about .5 mile, I took a walk break. One walk break turned into two, which turned into 3 and then 4, 5, 6 - well, eventually I figured I might as just walk the rest of the 3 miles I ended up the last mile was all walking. It was dreadful.

However- after 6 months of training for this race- I am not worried about ability- there will be bad and good runs, I think it is mostly in my head and I'm just so ready to get out to Utah and get this race run. I am looking forward to running just to RUN when the race is over - but I'm also looking forward to putting my full effort towards my legs at the Ragnar Relay.
This time next week I'll be nearly touching down at the Salt Lake City airport.


  1. I'm excited that the race is coming up! Yes, you will have an adrenaline for the race; you know that from previous races, I think! I bet those legs will feel lighter. You're doing great. This week's workouts may not have been entirely according to plan, but just think of how much you actually did do!!

  2. Thank you for the support- I need it! :)