Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dinner takes center stage.

I will talk about my run today- but dinner was so good I have to talk about it first. I really SHOULD have taken a picture to share- because it was amazing, but we ate it so fast and completely that I really didn't have a chance.
I took zucchini and yellow squash and diced it and then sauted with onion and garlic in some olive oil. While that was cooking, I made some steamed rice (usually whole grain brown, but today went with white)- when the rice was done- I stirred the saute into the rice and mixed. While that sat- I sauted some raw shrimp in just a bit of olive oil and Old Bay seasoning until it was nice and pink and cooked through. Mix shrimp and rice and OH MY good. It had beautiful color and my 3.5 yr old couldn't get enough of the 'trumps' (shrimp).

My run today was the first one since the Ragnar Relay. It was a tough one in fairly tough conditions. The terrain was easy- flat, on the Monon Trail in Indy. However, it was HOT and HUMID! It was only 9am- thought we'd beat most of it- but while the temp was about 81 at 9am- it felt at least 87 or so. We did intervals the whole 2.5 miles, walking a little more than I liked. But I need to get the legs moving again.

Thankfully it cools down some next week and eases up on the humidity- so should get a little better.
Got some new shoes though! Will post a pic of them soon!


  1. Ugh, 80+ degree weather--NOT fun!!

    That dinner sounds yummy! I need to go make our dinner now....

  2. That dinner does sound delish!!! I love all the ingredients! I picked up some quinoa from Trader Joe's and am eager to try it as a substitute for rice or potatoes.