Saturday, June 12, 2010


Today was a good run. It started out so humid- it was only about 73-75 degrees, but like walking through soup- it was so hot! We went to a new park with a 1.6 mile course around the perimeter. We went in with the plan to complete it 3 times for 4.8 miles.
We started off with a short walk and then started jogging- we both knew we were running fast because of oru breathing, but I'd used my Nike+ today instead of my GPS watch, so I couldn't glance down to tell. And because of the humidity and pace, we both got tired quickly and had to take a walk break. But when we got back to running- we ran at a fast pace again. Halfway through the 2nd lap- we decided on a specific bench that would be our end point of running and that we'd walk from there on the 3rd go round.
All in all- we ran (with just a couple walk breaks) 4.2 miles at a 12:02mm pace. Then we walked the remaining .6 miles and I didn't clock it- it was simply for cool down and stretching.

After I got home to load the Nike+ data, I could look at different segments and see just how fast we were running. We were maintaining a 9:30-10:00mm pace when running and about a 13:30-13:45mm when walking those breaks. It was unintentional speedwork but it felt great and I'm not sore at all.

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  1. Wow, that's a great 4 mile pace! And a nice, brisk walking pace in there too. Nice job!