Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Set backs and learning curves.

In the 6 months since I started Couch-to-5K, I have learned a lot about running, racing and most importantly, myself. I have learned that some runs will be GREAT and some runs will not be so great. The not-so-great runs can be so incredibly frustrating.

Today was one of those incredibly frustrating days.

My training schedule had me running for 60 minutes. I was looking forward to it- coming off my last 2 great runs. All excuses I could make - A/C at work was broken in the morning, so it felt very draining. It was also hot and humid outside and I wasn't able to get my run in until late afternoon (3:30 start). It was 83 degrees and over 80% humidity. Oh woe is me. *sarcasm*

I started with just a 5 minute warm up walk and then started jogging. I think I started sweating almost immediately and just dripped with it. I ran 1.4 miles and that was just about 17 minutes- it was like a 12:15 pace. Perhaps I should have just slowed down and run farther.....but I listened to my body and decided to walk for a cool down and call it a day. I think I was truly too hot- it wasn't for lack of effort or heart. It just wasn't my day.

So now the dilemma- with 2 WEEKS left until I leave for Utah- and having trained well- I'm hoping I did enough. I guess I just have to trust the training schedule they set out for you (I mean, they are the experts, right?) and not feel like I have to cram for a college final.

4 miles each, 3 times in 24 hours, 1 run will be in the dead of night.

So incredibly excited while also completely terrified of what I've gotten myself into!


  1. Great attitude about listening to your body! I've found that's the best thing to do, even though we might really want to stay on our planned schedule. Good for you! You'll do great in Utah, can't wait to read all about it.

  2. Insightful article. I've been a lifelong hiker, but running has always seemed like such a "scary" thing to get into. Hoping to loose a few pounds @ the gym, then hit the beach.. well.. running. Please keep your loyal blog community posted to your progress.