Thursday, July 29, 2010

Splish, Splash!

I have had one of those weeks - the kind where everything seems to be in disorder and chaos and emotionally, I've just had it.

The good news is that I still managed to stay with my fitness plan and not stray too terribly from my overal eating structure.

Last weekend- we did join the 2nd gym and I got in a great workout on Sunday. I had never worked out in a cardio cinema before. Running on a treadmill, in the dark, takes some serious skill. I managed not to fall flat on my face and got a great sweat in a 25 min run. Then I biked another 20 minutes to round it out.

I had a couple days early in the week that I definitely did not want to work out- but I forced the issue and got decent workouts anyway. Monday, I did some running, recumbant bike and the elliptical. Tuesday, I really, REALLY didn't want to work out- so instead I made myself go get on the spin bike and sweat the lazies right out of me. I knew it wasn't a case of being ill or anything else, I just had to put mind-over-matter and get it done. I'm still new to the spin bike, so 15+ minutes is about all I can really handle so far- but after I got that good sweat going, I jumped on the treadmill for 15 minutes. Wednesday, I cut myself some slack and took the day off completely from a workout.

Today- I got my first lap swim in! I stopped counting how many laps I did, think I need a counter or something to swim with because I just get focused on my form and breathing that I lose track. I'm sure I did at least 10 laps (it's not a huge pool - 25m lengths I think) but for not having swam laps in years, I felt good about what I did. I had to really hold myself back on pace. As a former competitive swimmer, my instinct was to go all out- but know I'm not conditioned for that yet- so I had to slow it down and just focus on the basics.

Going for another swim tomorrow- and if time allows, I might do a quick run on a treadmill before the pool.


  1. Cardio cinema? I've never ven hear dof such a thing!!

    I've had several people recommend swimming to me. I have 2 problems. 1. no pool access. 2. I don't swim beyond sidestroke and breast stroke!

  2. Liz- I'm sure other places have them, but at Gold's Gym - the cardio cinema: They have a movie which plays on loop all day long (changes daily) and about 20 treadmills, 10 ellipticals and 5-10 recumbant bikes all in the theater. You jump on- run/bike/elliptical while you watch the movie. Takes some getting used to, but I really enjoyed it.

    As a member of the gym, I'm allowed to bring 1 guest to all of my workouts. Anytime you would like to join me to check out the cardio cinema, let me know. Oh, and if you'd like to swim some- you could join me for that too. I'm not a teacher, but I certainly could help you with other forms if you wanted.

  3. Girl, you need to do a triathlon! :)

  4. Beth- that's actually what I am working towards. I had been tempted to try to do one this September, but I don't think I'll be conditioned enough in time. I'm hoping that by hitting the pool hard over the fall/winter and the spin bike (and hopefully buying a real bike here soon) that I'd be ready for Sprint Tri in spring.