Thursday, December 23, 2010

Earned Total Exhaustion

I had 2 intense workouts today. One WAY more intense than the other- but both very very good workouts. I wish, on occassions like this, that I had something like a BodyBugg to track how many calories I truly burned. I think it was no less than 800 cals burned with my efforts- but hard to know.

My first session was a focused core workout followed by some light lifting. 45 minutes total and I had a good sweat going. I didn't have time for cardio afterwards- but I knew I'd have another workout coming so I estimate that I burned about 300 calories here.

Later in the day, I met up with my friend Liz from Eternal Lizdom and went to her gym at Fiziques to be a part of a Boot Camp Interval Training session. I had so much fun and it kicked my butt! We started with about 5 minutes warm up jog/walk intervals on the treadmill and then rotating between a StairMaster, a Precor AMT and a recumbant bike for 30 second intervals of high and low intensity on each machine for a total of 2 minutes. Then we went out to the main part of the gym and did what I think were called Squat Jacks: Squat down, pick up weight and stand up. Squat back down, return weight, stand up and clap hands at top. Repeat for 1 minute. The a slow walking lap around the gym to recover. Next was One legged running in place. This is hard to explain but you go into a sort of soft lunge stance- and your front quad is the weight bearing muscle. Then you alternate arms and bring the back leg into a short knee lift and return. The front quad bears the weight the whole time- there is no shift to the back leg. We did one side for 30 seconds and then the other side. Another lap around the gym- and it was time for Spiderman Planks - hold a standard plank position and then from the side- bring one leg up to behind the elbow- as if scaling a wall. The exact count varied- depending on ability- this one was hard for me- I've been working on core strength- but I had not worked planks into it yet- these will be something I do again and work up to greater counts.

Then we repeated the entire circuit again. (I hope Liz will correct me if I left something out in the order- I think I remembered it all, but it's been a long day!). At the end we did a little more core work (My whole middle section will be so sore tomorrow- and I love it!). It was a fantastic workout- I sweat like I hadn't sweat in so long - and it was great to change it up a little. Would be nice to do those types of workouts in my schedule more often. I estimate that in the 40-45 minutes, I burned at least 500 cals.

Thank you Liz and Bridget at Fiziques for letting me join you today and for working me out!

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  1. Kettle bell squat jacks- check!
    Slow Running- check!
    Spidermans- check!

    I think you captured it all. I've slept a few times since then so I can't swear to all of it anymore...