Friday, December 10, 2010

What a week!

Wow- this is really the first time this week I've had a chance to catch up on my blog. With the holidays coming up- there are just so many loose ends to tie up for the year.

FIRST- before I forget - this is the last week up until the drawing to win the running belt - You really should sign up now (see details below). The drawing is on Dec. 15.

This week- my goal was to run 4 times, but I'll get 3 in.
Run 1 this week: It was only a high of 20 actual degrees that day- but wind child of about 8. It was Cee Oh El Dee COLD! But equipped with my iFitness Neoprene Double Pouch (Grey w/ Pink Zip) Running Belt - and my cold running gear (Balaclava and all) - off I went. I had to be careful because there were patches of ice as well, but I was careful. Even with that, I kept my pace at about 10:25mm. I only ran for about 2 miles- just enough to get warm. I had pulled the face mask down on my balaclava about 5 mins in - and when I stopped, my sinuses FROZE! It was the weirdest sensation and I saw stars and almost passed out- crazy! Careful with the cold weather running folks!

Run 2 this week was today. We had our work Christmas party this afternoon- followed by a group of staff going to the local watering hole after. I declined at first- but didn't want to seem anti-social either- so I compromised and went along for 1 drink. After some laughs and my Tom Collins - I bid adieu to the group and head out for a short, quick run. It was about 38 degrees here today - so very comfortable for a cool run. Got in 2 miles at a nice 10:44mm pace (I figured that was good for a stiff drink less than an hour before! :) )

The belt is holding up great and it has really become a solid part of my gear. I use it all the time with running and regular gym workouts. So, a new test was in order.

Run 3 this week is a last minute RACE! The Indianapolis Jingle Bell Run 5k in the morning! This was decided about an hour ago- and I'm looking forward to it. The last race I ran (which coincidentally sparked my conversation with the iFitness Running Belt folks), my phone and other goodies wouldn't fit in my race belt. This time? I've got all the space I need.
Update tomorrow!

DO NOT FORGET that you can win one of these belts for FREE! Go read this original entry to read all of the ways you can be entered in this fun contest! It isn't hard to enter, it doesn't take a lot of time and really, it makes a great gift to yourself or anyone else!

Also- if you can't wait to win it, or need one NOW or want to make a great gift for the active folks in your life- From now until December 31st- when you purchase any running belt from Running Belt by iFitness and use the code: RunLola - you will receive free shipping on your belt(s)!

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  1. I didn't sign up for the Jingle Bell because we were supposed to be out of town. Wanted to do the 5K's of Christmas next Sat with Christy but my husband will be out of town. So I'm kind of stuck on no races for a little while.

    I loved getting outside to run Fri and Sat this week!! I really need to get more cold running gear if I'm going to get outside as much as I prefer to!