Monday, December 20, 2010

Sharing what works

Two posts in a day? What IS this world coming to?

As I'm home all week- cleaning is the name of the game. I'm doing a total house cleaning and purge of clutter. In so doing, I came across something I had long ago posted on my refrigerator to keep me motivated.

I had gone searching on the internet for something inspirational to keep me going- to keep in my head that I CAN do it- and I have to. I came across this post through the Google results of my search- - This was exactly what I needed! I took the list part and printed it out and posted it on my fridge so that it would be a DAILY reminder of what I was doing. I wanted SO badly today to go back to that post and leave a comment for the author- but you have to join the community there, and as I'm not into the Pinup world, I didn't want to join just to comment. I hope someday that she'll see this and know how much it helped. I posted it on my refrigerator in January of 2010 and it is now December 2010 and I'm able to throw the list away- mostly because I followed every piece of advice on it- and now proud to say that I live a (mostly) healthy lifestyle and fitness is not the part I have to tweak now. So Miss Marissa Lily - wherever you are- I hope you know how wonderful you are- your words truly inspired someone.

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