Saturday, December 4, 2010

Turning up the heat

I think it is amazing how one week you can feel really out of the routine and not want to work out- and other weeks, it just all clicks. I try to get in 3 strength workouts a week and 6 cardio workouts. Most weeks- I get in the 3 strength workouts and 4-5 good cardio - but this week? I got it all in and I feel great. Some days I really hate that I have a schedule that is pretty rigid- because there are some days I could spend hours in the gym if I had it (or out running).
I ran on Wednesday- it was very cold, about 28 degrees and icy. It had snowed earlier in the day but then melted a little and then with wind and dropping temps- there were patches of ice but I ran anyway and it felt great. Being careful of the ice slowed me down a little- but I still managed to keep it under an 11mm pace (10:55). I did not wear my iFitness Running Belt but I wished I had. I had a running jacket on- so I just tucked my keys in my running bra (and old habit) and put the iPod in the media pocket of the jacket. Everything was hard to get to, the keys were sweaty and gross at the end- and I should have worn the belt....never again.

With that lesson learned- when I ran on Friday afternoon- I did wear it. It was about 35 degrees but no snow or ice- nice quick run with a good pace and once again I fit my entire pile of keys in the belt and off I went. This morning- I had to get up early to get my workout in at the gym- I had got most of my things ready to go last night- but forgot to set out the running belt. And I was wearing yoga pants without pockets and zipped off to the gym without a thought (I also hadn't had coffee, in my defense). Got to the gym and realized that with my stength routine and then running -on the treadmill, blech- I had no where to put my iPod. Into the bra it went. The whole time poking me or sticking on me...hated it. I think I need more than one belt to always have one with me. It really is that good.
Which brings me to my next part....

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  1. Wow, 3 strength and 6 cardio? You're amazing!

  2. I have this new goal... I want a Biggest Loser workout day. I want an entire day focused on fitness and healthy eating. I want to go out and run a long distance and then come to the gym and do strength training and then do yoga and then go for a long walk (maybe even jog). I want to see how long I can be consistently active. Crazy to me that i would have such a goal in mind!