Monday, December 13, 2010

My last race of 2010

The Indianapolis Jingle Bell Run - I decided to run it the night before the race. No real prep-but otherwise, I know I'm good for that distance. I mean, it was my 7th race this year. I can't even believe I just said that.

Stef and I before the race. It was COLD!

‎1285/1820 total
11:20 pace
35:12.6 total time
65/104 in age group
a.k.a. I wasn't last<-- I'll take that.

I hate to sound like a race whiner- since I took issue with the timing procedure of my last race- however, I truly believe this course was longer than a true 5k. My Nike+ said the course was 3.46 miles- and when I mapped the course map on - it was 3.27 miles. I think my Nike+ was also off, but I believe the course was longer than 3.1. Just saying.
Either way- this is still OFFICIALLY my fastest 5k ever.

The running belt did great, once again- I had my phone, iPod, gum, chapstick, money and ID in my belt- and easily could have fit more. I never noticed it once during my run- no slipping, no bouncing. As I come to the end of my review of this belt- I have to say that I am overly impressed with it- I didn't expect it to do everything it said it, if I could only get it to run the races for me. . .

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