Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Breaking through walls.

So Sunday was a tough day- but I worked it out and got that good workout in. That's what mattered.

The best part about it was that in reflection, I was actually energized to stay on track by recongizing that I CAN beat myself mentally and push to reach my goals. It turns out- I'm going to have to do a treadmill workout tomorrow too- so I'll be testing myself again; but this time I'm going to do it- a shorter run on the treadmill, I think I can handle this.

Today, my oldest daughter was sick- so I had to take a half day to come home and play Dr. Mom. But I went to the gym before I came home- so that way it was done and out of the way. She is still feverish, so looks like I'll be home tomorrow too- unless she just wakes up so much better (no real symptoms of anything- just a fever). But tomorrow night- ELTON JOHN CONCERT!!

I am so excited about this concert- you just don't know! :)

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