Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hitting a wall.

This happens every now and then, but I hit a wall today. And my body is rebelling and being stubborn. I don't want to exercise. It feels like a forever thing- like I'm done. I know that's not true- but today it feels that way. I got on the treadmill (bc it was raining here) and set in my head to do 4 miles. I was feeling sluggish- but thought that once I got going that I'd kick it into gear and feel good. No dice.

Once I hit the mile mark and just wasn't feeling it- I got off the treadmill.

As far as my training schedule for my race, I should have done 4 miles today. but I know I can do 4 miles, it isn't about that- I just needed a break. So- instead, in a bit, I will go do a workout video. I just need to switch it up a little. Still get a sweat in, still burn the calories and feel good- but just don't want to run today.

Coming off a large weight loss last week- I thought I'd be pumped and it would be easy to continue- but it just didn't happen that way. So today I'm regrouping- cutting myself some slack (but still going to put in a good workout) and get back to the training schedule tomorrow.

**Update: I did get in a 50 minute workout video, a great sweat and I feel so much better.

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