Tuesday, April 20, 2010

There once was a race called Ragnar

I had a baby this past November. Sometime in about the middle of the pregnancy- I had the crazy notion that I would be able to join 11 of my friends- 7 months after having that baby - to run a 188 mile overnight relay race in Utah. But ready or not- I am going!

The race is just 2 months away- June 18. We run from Logan, UT to Park City, UT - each person running 3 legs of varying lengths. In total, I will run 12 miles - all 3 of my legs are right at about 4 miles each. I have the shortest distances of all, and 2 of them are mostly sloped downhill. I hope this counteracts the elevation challenge we'll all be facing from being used to running in INDIANA. I am so excited for this though. I mean- the self-conscious part of me is fearful that I'll be shunned by the real runners out there- the ones who run farther and faster than I do (which is most)- but I actually think I'll be accepted and encouraged. I am certain that I'll be so physcially exhausted by the end that it will hurt- but I'm ready. I still think I was crazy and posessed by a red-headed baby that made me agree to do this.

The good part about this relay? At each exchange we start running as the last runner finishes his/her leg- so there is no corral to accidentally start out too fast to. I get to pace myself, which means I'll be able to maintain my paces better. We should get some amazing pictures and have a really cool story to tell. If it wasn't so expensive to do this race, I could see probably wanting to do at least a couple a year....ah, but that's the pre-race me talking. . .

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