Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Recognizing a habit.

People often discuss habits - most of the time, it is about bad habits. We may mention wanting to FORM good habits- but you don't hear much talk about the success (in terms of a habit, that is).

This morning- as I was getting my [healthy] lunch together for work, I saw something I had posted on my refrigerator in January when I started back to running. It was a list of 'excuses' of why TO exercise, even when you don't want to. One of them is "Like Dr. Phil says, 'Fake it 'til you make it'".

Early on, I found my training schedule to be so bothersome- my body was rebelling, it hurt, I was sore- it was hard. There were days that I had to D R A G myself to my runs either on the treadmill, or later, outside. But I kept that list up- and the Dr. Phil line always jumped out at me.

This morning? I realized I had not looked at that list in several weeks. I now look forward to my runs every day- and if there is a chance I won't get it in, I get upset- upset enough to MAKE the time to get it in, one way or another. I did, indeed, fake it until I made it. I MADE IT!!! I may not be fast, I may not be a long-distance runner (I think 4-5 miles is my limit for now)- but I am a runner without having to force myself to believe it.

I have made a healthy habit stick- and more, I love the feeling of tired muscles from a great workout. As I left the gym from my strength training routine yesterday, my arms were sore- but a good sore. It was awesome.

Have you made a healthy habit stick- and have you given yourself the credit for making it happen?

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