Friday, April 23, 2010

Did I read that right?

Here's a cool number - 6.2. Why is it cool? because I lost 6.2 lbs THIS WEEK!

I was not trying to hit such a huge number- and I also realize that it is unreasonable to believe I can maintain that type of loss each week- but I worked my (literal) butt off this week and was very strict about how I ate and it paid off!

We are having a biggest loser contest at work- and last week, I was up .2 - so to be down that plus an additional 6 lbs- I was ecstatic!

I woke up not sure I really wanted to do my short run today- but that just powered me for the next couple runs at least- the results are what drive you to move forward.

This isn't just about weight loss (though today, it totally is!)- but overall health improvements and awareness. I deserve to be healthy and I'm making sure it happens now.

**Update: I was actually THE biggest loser for the week, btw.

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