Friday, May 21, 2010


Training for the Ragnar Relay (Wasatch Back- June 2010)- I decided to do a simulation of race day (though shorter legs) and run 3 times in 24 hours. I knew it would be a challenge but I suprised myself in both pace, endurance and ability!

First leg- my Nike+ didn't record correctly- so I had to estimate based on what was on the dreadmill. So- I'm rounding slightly down on this- for 35 minutes- I did 2.5 miles at about a 14:00 pace. That was on Wednesday afternoon at 4:30.

Second leg- Thursday morning- I ran 2.71 miles in 35 minutes - 13:00 pace. It felt ok- but I hadn't eaten breakfast, so I was a little sluggish.

Third leg- Thursday afternoon- I ran 2.72 miles in 35 minutes- 12:48 pace. Felt great and I was really proud afterwards. I had eaten purposefully throughout the day- food is fuel, food is fuel and I was so glad that my times had actually increased.

Now, here I sit on Friday morning and it has been about 18 hours since my last run and I'm sore- but not so much so that am uncomfortable. I'm fatigued but could actually run again if I needed to. I'm not going to- I'm going to recover and rest. I have a 3-4 mile run with a friend tomorrow so I want to do well for that. Going to try out my new (used) GPS watch and get some really accurate stuff on there- can't wait!

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