Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday run

Forecast was Hot, Humid and Sunny. 87 Degrees when I walked out of work at 3:45 to go for my run.
In the "old days"- I would have easily said forget this and either gone to the gym (which would still be good) or gone home. But since Utah is only 3 weeks away- and it could very easily be this hot (or hotter) there- I better get some heat legs. and Boy, did I!

Fastest recorded run so far!

Even Better? After about a 4 min warm up walk- I ran the rest of the way until the very end! No walk breaks in the middle! I slowed down my pace a little when I felt fatigued- but other than that, I felt really great. Now- on my actual iPod- the pace said 12:02 per mile and said I traveled 2.93 mi  (and had I known I was so close to 3 full miles, I would have kept going- but I didn't look down before I stopped).

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