Sunday, May 2, 2010

The weight of inspiration

A friend of mine has been running on her own for awhile- but as her work demands her to travel most days of most weeks- most of that running is inside on a treadmill.

As a treadmill-to-road convertee, I had to get her off that treadmill and onto the road! PLUS- we had not seen each other in nearly 3 years. That's too long and this was a great way to get together, do somethign physical and then relax over a great lunch.

We went to Eagle Creek Park on the North West side of Indianapolis and decided to run the 7K course (4.3 miles approx). I have never run with a partner before- so this was also a new experience for me- but as a slightly more experienced runner than her- I had the "burden" of keeping our pace and letting her know she CAN do it as we went along.
I had so many high points during this run:
- I was able to talk during some of my running- which means that my fitness is improving with my training more than I believed.
- I felt like I pushed us both and kept a great pace. I may not look like a personal trainer- but darn it if I didn't channel Bob Harper today. . .
- We ran and walked intervals- but overall- I maintained my typical training pace that I run for 30 min runs over the full hour.
- there were HILLS! :)
- the biggest payoff was her saying that she wants to do this again and enjoyed running outside (and that she will try to do it more while on the road for work)- I may have created a convert!

I was so proud of both of us- when we were done, we took a nice long stretch and then headed to lunch. I'm sure I could have ate healthier- but I didn't do too bad- but I did indulge in one Sangria. I almost never drink anymore and this just sounded and looked so good- and it was! :)

the only low point was that I have pulled something in my foot. On the outside of the side of my foot- I think I pulled the tendon that connects the foot bones...hurts and was very painful at first- but as the day goes on, it is improving.

Great run, great day!


  1. I've been wanting to get to Eagle Creek to run. I have got to figure out way to sneak in a 2 hour lunch break... ha!

  2. You'd be welcome to join us sometime! :)