Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Busy days ahead

My schedule over the next week or so is just crazy busy- this whole month is really. It kicks off tomorrow with the Mini Marathon/5k packet pickup and Expo- then Friday is me begging my children to let me get adequate sleep for the race....then I'll be leaving my house at about 5:15am for the race on Saturday morning.
I have created my 'race plan' in my head -how I want to start, how I want to move throughout the race, and how I'd like to finish. I think if I go in this way- I'll do a lot better with the running portions. I think I'll try to do 5 minute run/walk intervals throughout. If it feels really good- then maybe I'll run more of it...
After my 5k- I'll wait for some friends and cheer them on while they do the Mini Marathon this year. Looking forward to sharing a beer with them all afterward! Then later that evening we'll go out for a bit- maybe dinner/drinks. Then I decided to take the next 4 days and go visit family in PA- looking forward to it- but also hope I have enough time to actually pack for the trip.

Driving 7 (or more) hours with 2 kids by myself will be an adventure.

Speaking of kids- there goes the 6 month old one now- sounding my alarm . . .


  1. I can't wait to hear how it goes!! You will do awesome. You learned a lot with Race For The Cure and I'm taking mental notes of your race experiences so that I'm prepared when my race comes in June!

    Where in PA, if I may ask? My dad's family is from the NE area. Kingston, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton. I also have family in Lancaster. Oh- and we vacationed at Sesame Place and then up into the NE mountains a couple of summers ago (my dad's family has a mountain top cabin up in Dushore, PA).

  2. Thanks for the cheering section! :) I'm really nervous about it (more in my next post tonight actually)- more from a physical standpoint.

    PA- I moved to Latrobe, Pa (southwest, about 40 min outside Pittsburgh) when I was 8 and lived there until I graduated high school. My mom still lives there and its pretty much what I call my "hometown" even though I wasn't born there.