Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So- technically- my training plan for the Utah race says to do 70 minutes today. I had decided yesterday to break that into 2 runs to get a 2 a day in- but honestly, after having a meeting downtown and walking a bit in this awful heat- I just don't think the 2nd run is going to happen today. In fact, I'm CHOOSING not to do it today. I did get in 35 min this morning- so not a total loss- and tomorrow was meant to be a rest/xtrain day - but I'll run instead. It's soupy out there!

I'm glad I am at a place, though, where I know I'm good enough to take a day off and not fall totally off track- I'm still working out 6 days a week and doing plenty of running. Just feeling like a break this afternoon.

Wish granted!


  1. Ugghh, I wish it would stop raining here so I can run. I'm still early enough in my program that missing a few days means starting over.

  2. Jen- I've started just running in the rain as long as it isn't lightening out- if it isn't a total downpour- it actually feels pretty good!